VCA Lucky Spring Ladybug Bracelets ? Comparing Closed & Open Winged Ladybugs

I know you are as excited as I am today to compare the closed and open-winged ladybug bracelets from Van Cleef & Arpels. These two pieces are part of the Lucky Spring collection which is a new VCA collection released in 2021.

I don’t know if you agree or not, but unboxing is an exciting process. I just love the way things are packed, and the packaging tells so much about the brands’ image, doesn’t it? Take a sneak peek at how the bracelets were packaged.

My First Luxury VCA Lucky Spring Ladybugs

When the package arrived, it included a pouch and a bag for each bracelet separately, exactly what you would have gotten if you purchased it from the boutique. A nice little touch, isn’t it? The packages come in a grey box full of shredded papers along with the authenticity certificates and care instructions.

The boxes are the regular green ones with the VCA logo on top. They look simple and elegant, just like any luxury jewelry box should. The little pillow inside the bracelet box was not anything exceptional. On the contrary, it looked like a downgrade compared to previous bracelet inserts and did not have that touch of finesse I was expecting. Nonetheless, it does the job well and keeps the bracelet in place.

The first one which I ended up unboxing was the open-winged motif of the ladybug. Surprisingly, it is bigger than what you expect just from seeing pictures online. The next was the closed ladybug motive, which was just as mesmerizing and beautiful as the open-winged ladybug but it seems visibly smaller than the open one.

My First Luxury VCA Lucky Spring Ladybugs

The first impression you get from seeing the bracelets on a black background is that the open wing looks more vibrant and vivid.  The reason for this clearly can be the open wings of the ladybug, and the added rose gold center section symbolizing the body of the bug. The colors stand out more against the black background but when you hold them up against the light, you’ll notice the transparency of the carnelian stones.

If you know me, you already know how much I am into dainty and pretty little pieces. I do have my staple stack of pieces for everyday wear, but these two I had to get my hands on as I was looking for a red piece for a long time. No doubt, I am super excited! So, let’s take a closer look into the intricate and delicate details and see how the open motif and the closed one are different from each other.

My First Luxury VCA Lucky Spring Ladybugs

At some angles, the close-winged motif does look like a strawberry. Am I the only one who feels that way? At first look, two things stood out. First of all, the close-winged motif bracelet is shorter than the open-winged one. Secondly, it seems smaller in width. Of course, the reason for this is that the open-winged ladybug has open wings! Duh. It will take more space when keeping all other proportions equal.

Both bracelets come with two loops so you can choose at which length you’d like to wear them. That’s a nice addition as you won’t have to return to the boutique to have them resized. The branding stamp on the clasp always looks classical, elegant and luxurious.

My First Luxury VCA Lucky Spring Ladybugs

An interesting find was a different symbol on the chain. It looks like a heart with some lettering. Both the bracelets have this stamp which is interesting and new for me.

Talking about the chain on both, it is made of Au750 rose gold and shaped for scintillating sparkle. I love the rose gold by Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier. Both have this aura of luxury and elegance to them. It’s a very light rose gold that complements most skin tones beautifully.

My First Luxury VCA Lucky Spring Ladybugs

Oh, what a beauty, isn’t it? The close-winged ladybug motif has one red carnelian stone set in the middle of the gold beaded cast. This is a staple Van Cleef & Arpels hallmark. For the head, they used a beautiful black onyx. The body has five gold beads, and the head has two gold beads as eyes. The carnelian stone is held in place through 3 prongs and the “eyes” of the ladybug actually hold the black onyx in place. It is a seamlessly harmonic and brilliant design.

My First Luxury VCA Lucky Spring Ladybugs

The open-winged ladybug is the same and identical in all details except for the motif. I’m so in love with this one; it is so animated and personally my favorite. This extra surface of high-polished rose gold just adds so much more depth to the piece. As mentioned earlier, the chain is longer than the close-winged motif and I have no idea why.

The ladybug’s head is an onyx stone with two golden beads that make it look like a real ladybug. Instead of one stone for the wings, this motif uses 2 red carnelian stones. Both stones have 2 golden beads that pass all the way through to the other side. The middle has a solid rose gold piece. It is highly polished to reflect light and add more dimension to the bracelet. Overall, it makes it look more vivid and beautiful.

My First Luxury VCA Lucky Spring Ladybugs

Wearing both on my arm shows that they are just the perfect size. In the larger size, both sat a little loose for me but not bulky at all. If you are worried that the motifs may flip around and show the backside, don’t worry. The charms are transparent, and the details are identical on the other side. They also wouldn’t flip over when shaking or trying to make them flip. They sit pretty solid on the wrist.

The price of the close-winged motif is $2610, and the open-winged one is $2850. The $240 difference seems pretty reasonable to me because, you get an extra piece of rose gold in the middle with the open-winged motif which requires more work. I think it’s worth it!

For me, the open-winged ladybug takes the lead. It has a vivid shape with intricate details. But I anticipate that the close-winged motif may be more popular.


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