8 Best Hermès Bags Under $5000

Every fashion fan has a specific item or a fashion house they would consider as their holy grail. For bag hags, it’s the one bag to rule them all… “my precious” kind of scenario. Maison Hermès is one such luxe label that many consider as THE label to own. Known for their well-crafted leather goods, many of the much sought out pieces from the Hermès lineup require patience and hard work to acquire.

But as one might expect, the price of luxury goods isn’t exactly economical unless you happen to have money to burn. That said, lots of fashionistas hustle hard to save up for items on their wishlist. And if you’ve been following us for some time, you know by now that there are bags on the Hermès list that require you to pre-spend and be on your SA’s good side.

The good news is, that there are still a good number of bags from the brand that are pretty much on the racks and happen to be below $5,000. So, if you’ve been looking for some good entry-level bags from Hermès, check out our Top 8!


8 of the Best Bags from Hermès Under $5,000

It’s hard to find luxury goods that won’t break the bank and are actually functional. Sure, it’s great to have a coffee table book, cool to own a sterling silver paper clip or a paperweight but you have to admit, it’s much nicer to own something that you can actually wear and enjoy. This is why bags top the list of must-haves for many fashion fiends. As promised, we bring you 8 of the best leather accouterments that are worth every hard-earned penny.

Let’s get things rolling by listing down our fave Hermès bags under $5,000. Our list goes from lowest to the highest price, so pay close attention.


Hermès Evelyne TPM a.k.a. Mini Evelyne

HERMES Taurillon Clemence Evelyne TPM Gold vivians closet my first luxury

Number one on our list is the Evelyne TPM, also known as the Evelyne Mini. The bag has been spotted on the shoulders of real housewives, social media influencers, models, and celebrities, many of whom can be seen out and about running errands.

The Evelyne comes in several sizes, but the Mini at $2,000 is a good starting point if you want to own an Hermès piece. The bag which is often worn crossbody can also be used as a shoulder bag.

Available in classic hues and a lot of seasonal colors, this leather beauty is great for grabbing coffee with pals, running quick errands, or to hold some essentials while out exploring a new travel destination. We’ve already mentioned this previously, but we thought to remind you that Hermès actually has a “right way” of wearing the bag.

According to the brand, we keep the perforated side close to or facing our body, while the plain side is what others should be seeing. Honestly, though, we get why so many people prefer having the subtle perforations on display.

?  Browse Hermès Evelyne bags here 



Hermès Herbag Zip 31

Next on our list is the Herbag which has received a lot of attention since its 2009 release. This incredibly stylish leather bag is priced roughly at $2,800. For a leather item of its size, the price point makes it very much desirable especially when you compare it to other bags in the same price range.

Besides the standard color combos, the Herbag Zip 31 often has special release designs. So if you are searching for something of the limited edition variety, we suggest keeping an eye out for Herbag releases.

HERMES Military Toile Vache Hunter Herbag Zip PM 31 Black vivians closet my first luxury

Considered the cheaper alternative to the much loved and iconic Hermès Kelly, the Herbag Zip 31 is made of Hunter leather and canvas. An extra detail of the bag is the zipper compartment found inside. This little addition is actually detachable, allowing you to use it as a wristlet. How cool is that? Two bags for the price of one!

?  Browse Hermès Herbag Zip 31 here


Hermès Picotin 18

In recent years, bucket-style bags are back in vogue, which could explain the high demand for the Picotin. Available in a variety of sizes, the smallest of the brood which is the 18 is currently going for $2,800 when we last checked the Hermès boutique.


HERMES Taurillon Clemence Picotin Lock 18 PM Etoupe beige de weimar vivians closet my first luxury


Due to its popularity, the bag has become a little challenging to acquire. This slouchy little buket bag has the classic padlock detail in front. The bag does not come with any compartments and will require an insert if you prefer a bit of structure. Also, the inserts make it easier to find items inside the bag. The Picotin 18 though a bit petite, can still hold a good number of items. We suggest sizing up if you are the type who carries everything including the kitchen sink.

?  Browse Hermès Picotin 18 bags here


Hermès Garden Party 30 (TPM)

HERMES Negonda Garden Party 30 TPM Black my first luxury

Love the vibe of the LV Neverfull but not a fan of logos? Then the Garden Party 30 is the bag for you. This classy piece is very structured, the tote itself isn’t flashy and can be found in solid hues.

A classic and timeless silhouette that can be worn casually for brunch with the MIL or worn to professional events for that ultra-chic business look. The Garden Party can be hand-carried or worn on the shoulder, but this option will rely heavily on the size of the bag. The bigger the bag the more likely you can wear it on your shoulder since the handles will be roomy enough to accommodate your arm.

Available in various leather options, an easy favorite is the canvas body with leather handles and trim. This design allows the bag to remain lightweight despite its size. For the time being, it is priced at $3,600.

?  Browse Hermès Garden Party bags here


Hermès Jige Elan 29

Not a bag per se, the Jige Elan is more of a clutch making it ideal to pair with cocktail dresses and evening wear. But don’t let our POV limit you. This elegant lady can easily transition from day to night.

HERMES Swift Jige Elan 29 Clutch Rose Sakura my first luxury

Its clean lines feature the iconic H – front and center. Intentionally designed to act as a focal point and to hold the strap “locking” the flap in place. Unlike other Hermès leather goods, this clutch is more accessible and can often be found in boutiques for $3,700.

?  Browse Hermès Jige Elan clutches here


Hermès  Kelly To Go Wallet

The little sister of the Kelly Wallet, the To Go is always, well… ready to go! Unlike the original, the To Go Wallet comes with straps. Other than that, these small leather goods carry the same design.

HERMES Epsom Kelly Wallet To Go Gold my first luxury

If you get bored of wearing it crossbody, the straps are detachable making it possible to use as a wallet or carry it like a clutch. The interiors have three compartments, the center is a zip change purse while the remaining two pockets are great for carrying bills and cards. We have to be honest though, the Kelly To Go Wallet has a price tag with a $600 markup from the original. A bit steep, this sleek and gorgeous wallet is currently going for $4,600.

?  Browse Hermès Kelly To Go Wallets here


Hermès Halzan 22

HERMES Taurillon Clemence Halzan 31 GM Etoupe

Inspired by the luxe design label’s equestrian roots, the Halzan 22 is the smallest of the Hazlan line. Launched in 2014, the bag features a front belt buckle that holds down two bag handles. What makes this bag unique would be its many transformations.

The Hermès Halzan can be worn as a tote, shoulder bag, crossbody, and clutch. Its design isn’t traditional, it borders on being unique and yet can still be considered a classic. You can make this versatile bag yours for a little over $4,800.

?  Browse Hermès Halzan bags here



Hermès Double Sens

Probably thought of as the most basic of styles, the last on our list is the Double Sens. This effortless design appeals to a lot of bag wearers who prefer the low-key and minimalist lifestyle. We can all agree that no other bag in the Hermès line comes close to the simplicity that the Double Sens has to offer.

hermes double sens 36 gold orange my first luxury

The perfect alternative to the Garden Party, the Double Sens is very casual in appearance. Unstructured, the tote is reversible and is buttery soft. If you aren’t a huge fan of excessive details on a bag, this is the one for you. Priced between $3,400 – $5,000 depending on the size, the Double Sens is so nonchalant it screams classy old money.

?  Browse Hermès Double Sens bags here


Lucky 8

Finding premium quality handmade bags from well-known fashion Maisons is not a walk in the park. You need to have a keen eye to spot pieces that are truly worthy of being considered as an investment item.

Buying luxury goods isn’t just about owning the latest “IT” label. Smart shoppers need to have an eye for quality, style, and the under-the-radar items that are the real steals. Whether you are working your way up to a Birkin or simply looking to add unique items to your bag collection, our Top 8 Hermès bags are the best-kept secrets no one (except us) wants you to know about!



? Find the bags here:

Hermès Evelyne TPM   |   Hermès Herbag Zip 31   |   Hermès Picotin 18   |   Hermès Garden Party 30 TPM   |   Hermès Jige Elan 29   |   Hermès Kelly To Go Wallet   |   Hermès Halzan   |   Hermès Double Sens



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