Cartier Love Bracelet Long-Term Review – 6 Years 24/7 – Interlocking Love Bracelet

Inexpensive accessories or costume jewelry are a dime a dozen. Step into any fast-fashion brand or RTW (ready-to-wear) store and you will spot these trendy pieces. While these cheap trinkets are great for completing your overall look, the use of low-quality materials on these items makes them disposable goods. Those of us who are looking for better value for our money, opt to invest in real jewelry pieces. Not only will they last us a lifetime they are investments that won’t go down in value easily.  

Of course, it helps to know if the jewelry you are buying is the real deal. And one way to ascertain that the baubles you buy are authentic is to get them from well-known jewelry houses. Industry names such as Tiffany & Co, Harry Winston, Mikimoto, and Cartier are just some popular choices.

CARTIER LOVE BRACELET LONG-TERM REVIEW - 6 YEARS 24/7 - Interlocking Love Bracelet | My First Luxury

These brands are tried and tested names that have been known to deliver genuine jewelry and have as well been creating unique and iconic designs since their inception. One perfect example is the Love Collection that the Cartier brand has been producing since the initial introduction of the Love Bracelet in the seventies. This collection was later expanded to include other designs. To give you an idea of how well a bauble from the Cartier name has stood the test of time, we will be showcasing a 6-year old bracelet from the Cartier Love Collection.


The Interlocking Love Bracelet: Why you shouldn’t underestimate this dainty arm candy

Six years ago we purchased this understated yet classy bracelet during a trip abroad. Compared to the iconic Love Bangle that can be found on the wrist of many celebrities, this daintier design has a slim chain-link bracelet. Made of 18k rose gold, the style features two interlocking miniature versions of the classic Love Bracelet at the center.

CARTIER LOVE BRACELET LONG-TERM REVIEW - 6 YEARS 24/7 - Interlocking Love Bracelet | My First Luxury

One could interpret this as a modern rendition of handcuffs which is rumored to be the inspiration for the original rigid Love Bracelet. Wearable as a stand-alone piece or as part of an arm candy party, the Cartier Interlocking Love Bracelet has a petite silhouette that can seamlessly be incorporated into any style.

As mentioned previously, this gorgeous bracelet was bought 6 years ago, to be exact – in Rome in September of 2015. The bracelet has been resized slightly to fit more comfortably. Contrary to what many would assume, the interlocking charm does not in any way impede the movements of wearers. In fact, there has been no incident at all of the interlocking rings ever getting caught on clothing or other things.

A quick glance at the bracelet does not show any signs of usage. This is all thanks to Cartier’s use of quality gold which has been polished perfectly. When you take a closer inspection, you will however notice some normal wear on the bracelet in the form of a few minimal scratches. This is particularly evident on the ring that “stands” or protrudes a little, while the one that lays against the skin merely has micro dings and marks.

CARTIER LOVE BRACELET LONG-TERM REVIEW - 6 YEARS 24/7 - Interlocking Love Bracelet | My First Luxury

Though the bracelet has been worn daily for over 5 1/2 years no deformation has occurred on any of the bracelet’s components. Every part remains intact and while many might be worried about the lobster clasp’s integrity, we are happy to share that the Interlocking Love Bracelet has one that continues to work with zero issues.

CARTIER LOVE BRACELET LONG-TERM REVIEW - 6 YEARS 24/7 - Interlocking Love Bracelet | My First Luxury

It however pays to take note that the clasp itself contains a small internal cavity. Save for the dust and dirt that could collect in this tiny crevice, the lobster clasp remains to be a sturdy element of the jewelry. In the many years of owning this particular Love Bracelet design, not once has this clasp opened on its own.

Unlike cheap accessories made of unknown metals, you will not find any discoloration on any part of this bracelet. Whether on the chain, closure, or the interlocking center pieces, the beautiful brilliance of this rose gold trinket remains the same as the day it was purchased and worn. Because it is made of real gold, tarnishing or rust is not bound to occur.

CARTIER LOVE BRACELET LONG-TERM REVIEW - 6 YEARS 24/7 - Interlocking Love Bracelet | My First Luxury

A few more things that are worth keeping in mind, if you do decide to resize your Interlocking Love Bracelet you need to consider if the size you opt for will still be comfortable during those times you get a bit of bloat or suffer from some bit of weight fluctuation like we do. More often than not, the brand offers a one-time complimentary removal or addition of links to customers. But just to be sure, make it a point to ask your nearest shop about this since stores can change their policy over time. Skin impressions during prolonged use are obviously to be expected from any chain bracelet. This does not cause any discomfort or pain, rather we just end up with temporary skin art as we like to call it.


My precious!

Realistically speaking, wear and tear of items especially jewelry that is worn nonstop is normal and to be expected. In the case of this rose gold Cartier Love Interlocking Bracelet, these imperfections are only visible when you zoom into the rings. Otherwise, it’s almost as if they do not exist.

Just like a Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet, Cartier has successfully created a delicate and feminine chain without compromising its strength and durability. More importantly, both fine jewelry houses have managed to produce rose gold jewels that have a predominantly champagne tint to it. This design choice makes any of their rose gold pieces more wearable and easier to pair with our yellow gold treasures. Initially purchased at 1660€ in 2015, the same style now retails at 1730€ or $1,790 USD. This further proves that buying fine jewelry is a worthwhile investment that sees no depreciation in value.

Quality is everything, and this is apparent in how well this diminutive Cartier chain bracelet has held up. Even against the Cartier Juste un Clou or the original Love Bangle, the Interlocking Love Bracelet is just as picture-perfect as the day it left the shop.



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