10 Best Logo-Bags Worth Buying That Don’t Look Tacky

Not all luxury bags are created equally. Some classics carry an understated design while there are others that are distinguishable from afar. Aside from iconic shapes, the presence of distinct prints and logos covering every square inch of the bag is a dead giveaway for certain designer labels.

Off the top of our heads there are 3 Maison names best known for their love of logos, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Gucci. Whether in their bags or in their apparel, these luxe names have showcased their monograms extensively. But rocking the monogrammed look can be a bit tacky when done wrong. Which is probably why some bag collectors steer clear of handbags that bear too much of a design house’s insignia.

If you are worried that toting a logo bag will make you look pretentious, fear not coz there are designs that still look classy despite having logos all over it. So if you’re eager to find out what our top picks are, as always we’ve got you covered.



Top 10 Timeless Logo Bags To Look Out For

There are three types of people, the ones who love logos on their stuff, the ones that hate it, and then there’s the rest whose feelings towards it are fairly neutral. That said, let’s take a look at 10 of the best classic logo bags you can add to your collection.


Loewe Cut-Out Tote

First on the list is the Cut-Out Tote from Loewe. Often overlooked, Loewe belongs under the LVMH umbrella. Since its inception, the brand has gained interest amongst the fashion elite. Loewe creates leather goods that carry designs that are ultra-classy. Like this pretty little lady at the start of our list. The Anagram Cut-Out Tote is an art piece waiting to be adored.

Löwe anagram cut out tote My First Luxury

What’s great about the Cut-Out is that it is lightweight. Unlike most emblem covered products, this totes’ logo is very subtle. In fact, you need to investigate closely to spot where the labels’ monogram is hidden. The Loewe’s emblem blends well into the rest of the bag making them appear as if they are flowers. How’s that for low key? An inner canvas lining acts as backdrop for the brown leather and keeps all the bag’s contents safe.

Browse Loewe Cut-Out Totes here.


Fendi Baguette

Ask yourself this, how many luxury brands do you know carry the “double F” trademark? We can bet that you can only name one label. And it’s likely Fendi!

Fendi baguette_best logo bags_my first luxury

Founded in Rome in 1925, this posh Maison was all about leather and fur. That was however in the past. These days Fendi has ditched the use of real fur but not its signature logo, and most definitely not their timeless Fendi Baguette. The Baguette isn’t a newcomer, rather it is seeing a renewed wave of consumer interest. Made with brown jacquard fabric and a gold clasp, this little lady can be worn cross-body, on the shoulder, or even as a clutch. You can always opt for leather if soft fabric isn’t your thing.

Find your Fendi Baguette here.



Gucci Horsebit

The Gucci Horsebit is the epitome of the brand’s equestrian roots. Released in 1955 the Horsebit retails at an estimated $3,000 USD. Despite its price tag, this classic never fails to capture the attention of collectors and Gucci loyalists.

Gucci Horsebit_best logo bags_MY first luxury

Its GG canvas in beige is paired with brown leather trim and gold hardware – which is hard to miss! An absolute classic, the bag with its multiple compartments and sleek simple silhouette exudes an old-money vibe.

Browse Gucci Horsebit here.


Gucci Jackie

Designed in the 50s, the Gucci Jackie was originally called Fifties Constance. However, a photo of Jackie Kennedy using the bag to shield her face from paparazzi resulted in the bag being relaunched and renamed after her.

Gucci Jackie_best logo bags_my first luxury

The simple hobo silhouette of the bag has spawned many versions through the years. Despite the inclusion of fashion forward hues, many gravitate towards the logo littered fabric with its feature buckle sitting front and center.

At the moment the printed Gucci Jackie retails close to $2,000 USD. You can find this lady-like number in basic colors (black, brown, white, red). It is also available in pastels, flower prints, graphic prints, and even python.

Choose your favorite Gucci Jackie here.


Celine Triomphe

Made with a combination of printed canvas, lambskin (lining), and calfskin (trim), the Triomphe by the fashion brand Celine is a minimalist lover’s dream. Considered by many bag collectors as a classic, the Triomphe features a boxy body. Adjustable leather straps let you wear the bag crossbody or over the shoulder. To secure the Celine Triomphe shut, the luxe designer’s mid-century insignia act as metal clasps.

Celine triomphe bag_best logo bags_my first luxury

Favored for its simple elegant appeal, the Triomphe exudes a chic French aura. Conservative fashionistas gravitate towards solid colors. Those who are keen on logos tend to reach for the monogrammed version. At roughly $4,000 USD this sizable purse has a main compartment, two smaller ones, and an inner zip pocket to keep smaller valuables safe while you’re out and about.

Browse Celine Triomphe here.



Dior 30 Montaigne

Dior 30 Montaigne pays homage to the brand’s iconic address. Similar to the Celine Triomphe, the Montaigne features a box design and its distinct “CD” logo. Find the style in calfskin, raffia, and the gorgeous jacquard fabric.

Dior 30 Montaigne_best logo bags_my first luxury

Adjustable straps come in leather or an eye-catching chain combo. Montaigne can be worn as a shoulder bag, crossbody for an on-the-go wearer. With its striking fabric covered with the luxury label’s logo this bag is a great accent piece to any outfit. You can also try your hand at mixing patterns by pairing this beautiful bag with a printed fit.

Explore Dior 30 Montaigne here.


Dior Book Tote

If the Montaingne’s jacquard blue fabric caught your fancy but the size did not, then you’re in for a treat. The Dior Book Tote has enjoyed a lot of attention recently. Very spacious, the Book Tote is large enough to fit laptops, documents, and some essentials at the same time!

Dior Book Tote_best logo bags_my first luxury

Use it for work, an overnight bag, or hand carry purse when you have to fly out. Incredibly practical, you can find the Dior Book Tote in multiple sizes and a wide range of colors. Aside from the usual logo mania print, the bag is also available in other fun prints. Celebs like Bella Hadid, Jessica Alba, Priyakna Chopra, Hailey Beiber, and Rihanna are often seen carrying the bag through the airport.

Find your Dior Book Tote here.


Louis Vuitton Speedy 25

Next on the list are two Louis Vuitton bags. Notably a fashion name that is best known for their logo-covered bags, the one’s we’re mentioning aren’t the usual totes. First, we’ve got the LV Speedy 25. The smallest size in the lineup (not counting the micro and charm), the Speedy is a compact handbag initially launched in 1930.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25_best logo bags_my first luxury

Made of cowhide and coated canvas, the Speedy follows the shape of a doctor’s bag. One of the Maison’s timeless pieces, the LV Speedy can be worn crossbody or carried by hand.

Browse Louis Vuitton Speedy here.



Louis Vuitton Petite Malle

Though this next Louis Vuitton number isn’t exactly the most practical in terms of capacity, its heritage design is a reminder of the brand’s early beginnings. Resembling a mini trunk, the Petite Malle became so popular that it was difficult to acquire at some point.

Louis Vuitton Petite Malle_best logo bags_my first luxury

Cute and compact, the bag with its gold hardware contrasts nicely with the brown fabric framed with black edges. You can even get this in all-white with gold hardware for a clean crips aesthetic or a noir version where the gold becomes a clear focal point. Wear it as a clutch for date night or crossbody for partying with the girls.

Find Louis Vuitton Petite Malle here.


Goyard Saint Louis Tote

You can’t talk about Goyard without mentioning Saint Louis. One of the fashion house’s most popular designs, the tote is loved for its spacious interiors. Much like the LV Neverfull, the Saint Louis is simplicity at its finest. But did you know that Goyard was the first to offer this particular design?

Goyard Saint Louis_best logo bags_my first luxury

Available in various colors, the brand manages to stealthily add logos to its bags. It’s only after a closer inspection that the subtle inclusion becomes noticeable. Reversible and comes with a detachable pouch you can store loose change, keys, or your airpods in. With no top zipper, your best approach is to use a bag organizer to keep your belongings extra safe and secure. This celeb fave is a great everyday bag that can easily fit a 16 inch laptop. Mom’s can use it to tote both their stuff and their kid’s belongings.

The Saint Louis is made with coated fabric resembling leather. However, if you are in search of something with real animal hide, we suggest opting for the newer version the Anjou GM which features a leather interior. For most people the biggest problem about Saint Louis is deciding which color to get – if not all!

Browse Goyard Saint Louis here.


The Logo Fever

Emblem covered luxe goods have been around for a long time and will definitely be around for much longer. Although we believe that style is subject to personal preference, we know that there are still many who argue otherwise.

But these fashion naysayers can’t dispute the fact that the bags we mentioned above are worth every penny. Love it or hate it, logos are here to stay.


?  Find the bags here:

Goyard Saint Louis Tote   |   Louis Vuitton Petite Malle   |   Louis Vuitton Speedy   |   Dior Book Tote   |   Dior 30 Montaigne   |   Celine Triomphe Bag   |   Gucci Jackie   |   Gucci Horsebit   |   Fendi Baguette   |   Loewe Anagram Cut-Out Tote



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