Super Rare Hermès Birkin & Kelly Bags

Buying luxury items from well-known labels like Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, and Fendi (to name a few examples) has always been thought of as an expense more than anything else. After all, nothing about these high-end designer goods has been considered as cheap. Nonetheless, those of us who covet and save up for these pieces do it for the satisfaction of adding a piece of wearable art to our existing sets, as well as to build up our investment portfolio.

Admittedly unorthodox, designer goods make for interesting yet lucrative contributions to a person’s financial books. Though it may appear hard to believe, many high-end luxury products hold great value, especially over time. The real trick is to find the right products that financial institutions and collectors will consider noteworthy.

It is no secret that when it comes to fashionable investments, precious stones, minerals, and jewels are touted as worthy of the time and effort to curate. In fashion, another worthwhile expense comes in the form of handbags. But not just any bag, we’re talking about well-crafted and hand-made luxe totes and similar leather accouterments. And any self-respecting bag lover would never miss out on the industry’s best fashion houses and iconic designs.


An Hermès Please, Make It Ultra Rare!

When it comes to bags no other name resonates the most amongst bag collectors than the Hermès Birkin. This much sought out style has been replicated by many fast fashion brands, as well as by counterfeit makers. However, a true aficionado can tell the difference between the real deal and a fake. Furthermore, fans of well-known bag labels like Hermès are fully aware of the true value that the fashion house has to offer. This is why many longtime collectors and newbies alike are always on the lookout for Birkin and Kelly bags that the design label releases.

Regardless of whether you are buying a Birkin or a Kelly as an investment piece or simply because you adore the striking styles as we do, there are some designs that are just out of our loving reach. Sad to say you’ve got to be high up the Hermès VIP food chain before you stand a chance of being offered one of these 7 hard-to-find Hermès bags. For now, join us as we indulge in a visual journey of these super rare beauties.


The Hermès In & Out Birkin

My First Luxury Hermes In and Out Birkin

Starting off our wishlist, may we present the Hermès In & Out Birkin. This playful bag is a take on the Please, check-in scarf from the same design house. Similar to the scarf, the In and Out Birkin showcases a variety of items (lipstick, change purse, charm, pencil, etc.) that mirror the x-ray scan seen on the accessory. Compared to the silky accessory, the leather carryall displays only a handful of items that can commonly be found in a handbag. To make it more interesting, the printed-out details found on the front panel are colored unlike that of the monochrome style of the scarf it drew inspiration from. Measuring 25cm x 20cm x 13cm, this fun addition to the Hermès lineup is made of luxurious buttery smooth swift leather and is available in the color Biscuit. Perfect for bag hags who love to show a cute and quirky side, this baby is one to be on the lookout for.


The In & Out Kelly

My First Luxury Hermes In and Out Kelly

Now if you happen to prefer a boxier silhouette but with the same funky aesthetic of the previously mentioned showpiece, then the Birkin’s sibling the In & Out Kelly is the one to snap up. Just like the Birkin, this Kelly handbag is also a dainty 25cm one. Found in a lighter hue, aka the Nata – this little lady is also crafted from the finest swift leather that the Hermès brand sources for their devoted followers. Considerably a muted alternative, the Kelly In and Out appeals to individuals who want something less flashy.


Hermès Cargo Birkin

My First Luxury Hermes Cargo Birkin

Over the years the Birkin continues to have a cult following from much of society’s upper crust. The ladies who lunch crowd so to speak. Eventually, celebrities wanted in on the instant boost of elegance that famed Hermès carryall bestows its wearer. But not everyone wants to look like they mean business 24/7. That being said, the newest addition to the Birkin brood – the Cargo might be just the right bag for the gal looking for something trés casual and still oh-so-chic.

In place of the signature leather, the Hermès Cargo is outfitted in canvas. The material makes it a practical choice, along with the smattering of pockets and compartments that are all over the bag. There’s even a cup holder for your morning coffee! Depending on the size, there are various colors you can choose from. Assuming you manage to locate these not-so-secret handbags. Your options are sesame, nata, navy, black, tan, and a striking electric blue.


Birkin Shadow

My First Luxury Hermes Shadow

Initially released by Jean Paul Gaultier during his time as creative director for the design house over a decade ago. The return of the Birkin Shadow is a much-welcomed surprise especially since the 2021 version now comes in the petite 25cm. The Shadow has a cool almost futuristic molded look to it with its iconic flap and components embossed beautifully on the leather. Aside from the classic white, this year’s selection also comes in taupe, gold, black, burgundy, and a few more exciting and new limited-edition hues to watch out for.


Hermès Grizzly

My First Luxury Hermes Birkin Grizzly

Hermès may have taken a page out of Elvis’ famous Blue Suede Shoes song when they came out with their own version – the Grizzly. Covered in soothing suede all over, the Grizzly Birkin made a few other design changes. Nothing drastic if you are worried, just a few tweaks that allow the suede to take center stage. Gone is the usual stamping up front, and unlike its sisters, this handbag has a leather wrapped lock to match the entire purse.


The Hermès Picnic

My First Luxury Hermes Picnic Birkin

This unique handbag is the perfect item to take on a beach holiday or even for a day in the park. It looks great with a summer dress or an airy linen outfit since the wicker and Barenia leather will complement it effortlessly. What’s great about the picnic is that it comes in both the Birkin style and the Kelly. And if sipping on Pinot Grigio under the Cabo sun isn’t bougee enough, then amp up your Hermès Picnic game by grabbing the alligator edition.


Hermès Constance

My First Luxury Hermes Constance 18 Silk

This unexpected addition to our 7 must-have rare Hermès purses is the Constance. Before you shrug this one off, hear us out for a hot minute. What caught our attention with this Mini Constance is the exquisite silk print on the bag’s flap that extends all the way to the back panel. The design is also visible on the piping detail, giving it that extra tropical flair. Although the smallest of the bunch, Constance is a force to be reckoned with. Whether you plan to add a little crossbody bag for your next vacation getaway or simply want to liven up your everyday work look, this gorgeous silk purse does the trick.

Rarer Than A Steak

We may not be a fan of eating meat that could still moo, we, however, are huge fans of these rare Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags. Since these super hard-to-find purses are but a dream, (for the time being) we are happy to drool over the images shared by some lucky owners of these special bags.


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