Cartier Love vs. Clash vs. Juste Un Clou – Cartier Bracelet Comparison

Fashionable men and women have been mixing and matching their favorite jewels for many years now. How can they not? After all, there’s just something about well-curated jewelry that completes an outfit perfectly. Whether it be layered necklaces, an assortment of rings, or a stack of bracelets, a good selection definitely creates a stylish and more unified look.

We’ve seen it on runways, magazines, red carpet appearances, and even on influencers and celebs out on a coffee run. Even royalty has been spotted rocking one or two pieces at a time! What are we talking about? Well, nothing else but some of fashion’s most iconic jewelry pieces. And not just your run-of-the-mill baubles, we’re talking about some high-end designer goodies that are definitely worth more than their weight in gold.

And one of the most sought out brands since it opened up shop in Paris, is the Cartier label. Over the years it has been creating designs that have become the most recognizable around the globe. Thanks to its well-established Love selection, rather than dull, Cartier’s star is shining brighter than ever. Its ever-expanding collection of luxe jewels appeal to their longtime clients as well as to a new generation who understand the value the design house has to offer.


The Holy Trinity

If you love luxury, then the Cartier name is no stranger to you. Aside from its extremely iconic Love bangle which was designed in the seventies, this jewelry designer has crafted a larger collection around it. More importantly, it has been creating season after season of exquisite utilitarian as well as classic pieces that become instant must-haves once they are released.

At the moment, Cartier has been celebrating its Holy Trinity. This collection of bracelets that the jewelry Maison suggests will make for great arm candy. As fans of the brand would guess, the selection is made up of the classy Cartier Love bangle, the chic Juste un Clou bracelet, and a surprising entry – the designer’s most recent addition the Clash de Cartier.

Let’s Talk Price

Admittedly, this stack isn’t one for the novice collector especially if you intend to buy them in one go. But if your bank account allows it then don’t let us stop you from taking them all home. Otherwise, we suggest picking a favorite. Here’s a rundown so sit back and take notes.

Still number one on everybody’s list is the Love bracelet. Ours is in a regular size rose gold, and it currently retails at $6,900 USD, while the nail bracelet also in rose gold is now priced at $7,500 USD. The newest addition, the Clash de Cartier is the heftiest of the bunch with a price tag of $9,250 USD. However, this should not come as a surprise to those who have already seen the bracelet. Compared to its older cousins, the Clash de Cartier (CDC) contains more components, making it heavy and detailed.


Style Comparison

Longtime fans of both the Love bracelet and the Juste un Clou bangle already know that it is available in several variations, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. This is however not the case with the Clash De Cartier. At the moment, the baby of the group only comes in rose gold and white gold. Where it lacks in gold choices it makes up for its inclusion of onyx, pearls, and diamonds depending on the style you opt for. Though it goes without saying that the more opulent the craftsmanship, the more you will be shelling out for it.

Design-wise, the trio offers a great amalgamation of looks that progress from the classic band, the eye-catching JUC, to the edgy punk rock theme of the CDC. Together they make for an interesting selection of jewels that will surely be adored by those who spot it on your wrist.

Each one is stylish when worn on its own. Take the Love bracelet, for instance, it’s an iconic band that is recognized by everybody. It goes well with many outfits and it pairs well with other accessories. The Juste un Clou and the Clash de Cartier on the other hand are unique statement pieces yet their designs when matched with the right luxury trinkets create a stunning collection that would be the envy of others.

But because the design of the JUC bangle and CDC contain more parts than the simple Love bracelet, many are left wondering how problematic they might be to wear. Given how the Juste un Clou has a nail head and a tip (albeit blunt), there are concerns that these would cause snags on clothing or other items. The good news is, this has never been an issue that wearers have encountered. The same goes for the rocker chic look that the CDC carries – the rivets are flawlessly designed to cause zero snares on fabrics.


Despite the contours, curves, and angles that two of the bracelets carry, they are comfortable to wear. Similar to the Love bracelet, all luxury jewels made by Cartier have been designed to sit on the skin nicely. Much thought was put into ensuring that none of the creations would protrude awkwardly or would result in skin irritation. The occasional impression on the skin is not uncommon and will depend highly on the size you choose to wear. Bear in mind that bracelets that are too snug can leave temporary marks. We suggest you visit a Cartier store near you and try out any of the bracelets before making a purchase.


Wear & Tear

Unlike cheap accessories, Cartier’s well-made gold jewelry pieces are made to last a long time. Daily wearing of these bracelets can cause some minor scratches and a diminished sheen. These however can easily be remedied by regularly cleaning the pieces with a clean, soft cloth and the cleaning solution the brand provides.

If you are however looking for a deeper clean, head on over to Cartier. But make sure to check your product warranty first. Complimentary three-time deep polishing services are offered for a limited time only. This buffing service is a great way of bringing very old and extremely worn-out pieces back to life. Be warned however that the procedure can result in your gold getting stripped making it thinner each time you have it polished. We suggest refraining from getting it serviced one too many times.


Three’s a crowd?

To be clear, Cartier is not selling these three bracelets as a set. Rather, the trio is considered as the top bracelets being offered from all the collections released by the designer house so far. Although, it’s hard to resist all three. Because in true Cartier fashion, these fabulous bracelets are packing in style. 

Oh, and they also happen to make great investments. Their value never diminishes, and as you can tell from the price points if anything, they increase every few years. Now whether you should buy just one bracelet or collect the entire holy trinity, that’s all up to you. But someone wise once said, “the best thing in life comes in threes!”


?  My Current Everyday Jewelry Stack:

   ➤   Cartier LOVE Bracelet

   ➤   Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet

   ➤   VanCleef&Arpels Vintage Alhambra Necklace

   ➤   Cartier LOVE Ring

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