Depending on how you look at it, the majority of designer goods aren’t necessarily considered investments – at least not in the traditional sense. Although there are many luxury items like Chanel bags that can be resold, they don’t always result in impressive dividends. More often than not, the value of goods from luxe labels does not see much of an increase until some time has passed. 

Let’s face it, there are other worthy financial investments out there. But then again, very few fashion fans purchase posh goodies for the sake of building up an investment portfolio. Many consider it a piece they can hand down to their children and their children’s children.

Unlike clothes, bags tend to have superior longevity and wearability, especially when cared for correctly. Most of the time, handbags, totes, purses, etc., are able to transcend trends better than outfits do. For that reason, buying a variety of styles from a reputable design house like Chanel is something worth considering especially this 2022.


Calling all bag hags!

If you are keeping up with the latest fashion news, you know by now that the Chanel brand has increased its prices. Admittedly, this move made our wallets weep a little, and our partners mutter (not so subtly) in disbelief. Mainly because of our renewed interest in adding to our growing collection from this luxe designer’s roster. That said, join us as we go through our top 10 picks of Chanel bags to buy this year.


#1 Chanel Classic Double Flap

Pretty much every bag lover’s entry into the world of Chanel comes in the form of the Classic Double Flap. This iconic design never gets old and is consistently on every collector’s must-have list.

Chanel double flap MY First Luxury

What we like about it: You can’t go wrong owning this iconic bag. Not only is it a highly coveted piece, but it also carries a design that can easily transition from day to night. Some may think it’s such a “basic bish” choice but we B*****s rocking our timeless double C’s don’t care!


#2 Chanel 2.55 Mini

A sleek and no-nonsense bag that was introduced in February 1955, hence the moniker 2.55. The Chanel 2.55 Mini has been a constant fixture in many magazines just like the Classic Double Flap.

Chanel 2.55 my first luxury

What we like about it: The slim structure still manages to hold our essentials easily thanks to its roomy interior. Priced similarly to the Double, it’s a great alternative if you prefer a bag that doesn’t carry a logo or monogram.



#3 Chanel Mini Flap

Another contender on the list is the Chanel Mini Flap. Seasonally released, this little lady comes in a myriad of silhouettes, color combos, and materials (tweed, denim, velvet, shearling lambskin and so much more).

chanel mini flap bag chanel pearl crush denim my first luxury

What we like about it: There’s a lot of seasonal designs that can put you in the shoes of Emily as she traipses around Paris with a new man on her arm. We’re not gonna judge! While the bag isn’t exactly meant for holding a lot of items, this petite darling is enough for keys, cards, cash, and lipstick.


#4 Chanel 19

This somewhat new drop was issued in 2019. It pays homage to the 2.55 Mini but with a unique twist that makes the bag stand out. The Chanel 19 still carries the famous quilted design. Unlike the Classic, the 19 is more subdued, and dare I say, a less uptight-looking version.

chanel 19 my first luxury

What we like about it: We love its trifecta of chain finishes that flawlessly melds into one another. Each Chanel 19 bag has a strap that transitions from silver to aged gold and then to ruthenium. As an added bonus there is a curved metal chain sitting atop the flap that allows users to carry the bag by hand.


#5 Chanel Gabrielle

Born from the great mind of Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel Gabrielle didn’t get to bask in the spotlight as much as its well-known siblings. With a lightweight upper half and a sturdy base, the style is making a quiet comeback which the brand’s followers have taken notice of.

Chanel Gabrielle my first luxury

What we like about it: The Gabrielle is the perfect marriage between a casual and somewhat formal piece to have been produced by this luxe fashion Maison. Check out the leather and rattan edition which we adore for its contrasting elements! If you aren’t into the upscale cottagecore vibe, there are plenty of other designs to pick from.



#6 Chanel Vanity

Not new to their lineup, the Vanity has been a mainstay and a fast favorite for those who want to store their makeup or toiletries in style. So you’re probably wondering why we would suggest this bag when it usually just sits on a dresser, bathroom counter, or in your luggage. Well, you’d be happy to learn that the luxury house has tinkered with the design. One that ensures you show it off rather than leave it at home.

chanel vanity my first luxury

What we like about it: It’s available in a number of sizes and shapes. We’re no longer constrained to the classic vanity kit shape. Nowadays, the Vanity bag from Chanel is designed to make your (and our) crossbody mini bag dreams come to life. 

#7 Chanel Boy

To us, this crowd favorite screams sleek sophistication with just the right amount of edgy. This structured bag is widely recognized for its chunky metal chain and streamlined aesthetic. Anyone who enjoys dawning a statement piece should get this handbag.

chanel boy my first luxury

What we like about: The rocker chic – supermodel on a night out – girl boss attitude it bestows on the wearer makes us want to scream “TAKE MY MONEY!”


#8 Chanel Wallet on Chain

You know how mini bags have become such a trend in the last couple of years? We think we owe it all to the, sometimes overlooked, Chanel Wallet on Chain.

chanel wallet on chain my first luxury

What we like about it: Wear it with jeans and sneakers to instantly boost your overall style with minimal effort. You can score a Classic for a little under $3K USD. In our books, this is a steal, and we predict this will soon join the ranks of other iconic bags made by luxury designers.


#9 Chanel Coco Handle

We’ve seen Carrie Bradshaw serve us the best Chanel looks since she made it big in Manhattan. In her younger years, she rocked both the classic and unique pieces with ease. But from our POV, 55-year-old Carrie could just as easily turn heads as she goes for brunch with a Coco Handle in tow.

chanel coco handle my first luxury

What we like about it: Aside from its top handle, the bag has a detachable shoulder strap. To be clear though, we do not mean the style is for *ahem* more mature collectors of the posh brand. Rather, we associate the design with an accomplished and distinguished individual who appreciates both style and function.



#10 Chanel Deauville Tote

Hands down the most underrated bag from Chanel, the Deauville Tote at under $4K USD for the large size is quite the deal. Think about it for a second, there are much smaller bags from the label that cost more than this gorgeous beauty. 

chanel deauville tote my first luxury

What we like about it: An extremely versatile bag that comes in multiple sizes with price points that are very reasonable. We’ve spotted it on celebrities like Hilary Duff, Miranda Kerr, Fergie, and Chrissy Teigen. The wide opening and spacious interior allow users to access its contents with ease. Make it a beach bag, gym bag, or even a mommy bag. Personally, we think it makes for a great carry-on addition.


Life is short, splurge a little on a Chanel bag!

Treating yourself every now and then to something you have been wanting for a long time is a form of self-care. Luxury goods clearly do not come dirt cheap. However, there are some items particularly from the list above that would still fit your budget without breaking the bank. Don’t think of it as a financial investment, instead, look at it as an acquisition that sparks joy in your life.



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