[REAL vs. FAKE] Cartier Love Bracelet In-Depth Comparison

Everyone knows that the Cartier name is one of the leading designer labels for fine jewelry and ladies’ watches. Since its incorporation in 1947, the brand continues to dazzle its loyal customers while successfully attracting new ones. Widely recognized for their iconic Love Bracelet, the brand’s designs are constantly being replicated by inexpensive fast-fashion names.

[REAL vs. FAKE] CARTIER LOVE Bracelet SUPER-FAKE Detail Comparison | My First Luxury

Aside from inspired pieces that these inexpensive retailers churn out, there are countless counterfeits that are being sold on city sidewalks across the globe. To the untrained eye, many of these fakes look quite authentic. Of course, it is only upon closer inspection that one can spot the inconsistencies. It also helps if an individual has prior experience or has at some point seen an authentic Cartier Love Bracelet in person.

Thanks to many deviously crafty entrepreneurs, the market is now littered with amazing Super Fake designer items, including much sought out pieces from Cartier. And as one would expect, these knockoffs include the much loved and iconic Love Bangle.


The Allure of Faux Designer Goods

Counterfeit products have been around for ages and have not gone unnoticed. In fact, various agencies have time and again attempted to eradicate these shady sellers and manufacturers. Alas, not much success has come about from the constant raids of warehouses, and factories. If anything, these activities have only made counterfeiters more daring. Instead of being dissuaded, they simply lay low for a while or set up shop in a new location.

But why do these fabricators keep popping up like mushrooms? It’s quite simple really, the demand for phony designer items is quite high. Bear in mind that not everybody can afford the price tag of iconic brands. Thus, their best option is to go for similar-looking pieces from fast-fashion retailers or exact replicas aka fakes from sketchy vendors. With so many people eager to dress like their favorite celeb or influencer, it is no surprise that they reach for cheaper alternatives.



Differentiating a Cartier Love Bracelet from a Super-Fake

Here’s the thing not many people realize, there are various levels or classes of knockoffs being sold in the market. These classes are used to identify how exact or accurate the details are in each piece. For instance, when a seller indicates that their designer item is Class Triple A, this often indicates that it is a clear-cut copy of an original item. While something that is just a Class A or Class B isn’t as precise and will likely contain flaws.

Generally, the Class level of a fake will also dictate how much the item will cost. The more “authentic” looking a reproduction is, the higher the price tag and yet it still does not hold a candle when it comes to the quality of a legit piece. Going with that logic, wouldn’t it be better to just save up for the original? If you are still unconvinced, let us open your eyes with this side-by-side comparison of an authentic Love Bangle from Cartier and a Super-Fake.


Initial Observation:

[REAL vs. FAKE] CARTIER LOVE Bracelet SUPER-FAKE Detail Comparison | My First Luxury

From the surface, both bracelets appear rather similar. Their colors (rose gold) are fairly the same. The diamonds are set in the right place, with each Love bracelet containing 4 stones. It appears as though both have identical screws, but a closer inspection will reveal some inconsistencies. Let’s get into it further!



Obviously, the $10,800 price tag of the original makes absolute sense since the bangle is made of 18k gold that is set with 4 gorgeous diamonds that total 0.42 carats. Unlike our slightly deceiving accessory that only retails for $100. Typically, the fakes are plated stainless steel with inexpensive blings stuck to it. And as one would come to expect our 31 gram gold Cartier Love Bracelet weighs more than the dupe which tips the scale just a little over 21 grams.



[REAL vs. FAKE] CARTIER LOVE Bracelet SUPER-FAKE Detail Comparison | My First Luxury

When stacked together, for a bracelet that is supposed to be the same size (Size 17), they do not line up. One is slightly larger and more oval, while the actual Cartier jewelry has a curve that hugs the wrists more gently. The edges are smooth in the real Love bangle while the imitation is less seamless especially in areas where pieces are joined together.



Serial Numbers:

In the Super-Fake, the serial numbers appear embossed rather than lasered into the gold. These details are not as legible and almost give off a blurred appearance making it a tad difficult to read and understand. Whereas the authentic Cartier bracelet has clear crisp information on it (bracelet size, serial number, gold stamp, and the manufacturer’s stamp). This is a perfect example of how luxury is always about details and maintaining craftsmanship even in the smallest components. This is something that the phony pieces do not take into consideration.


Diamonds & Settings:

[REAL vs. FAKE] CARTIER LOVE Bracelet SUPER-FAKE Detail Comparison | My First Luxury

No matter what angle you stare at it from, real diamonds will have clarity like no other. And they aren’t prone to dulling or losing their sheen over time. Plastic facsimiles of actual gems tend to be lackluster and are quick to look old in a short period of usage. Additionally, the setting of each diamond in the OG Cartier Love Bracelet is painstakingly created. The lines of each hexagon are perfectly done, with the inner portion containing more dimensions to further highlight the diamond nestled in the middle. Our poor mock-up is a janky mess without us needing to take a magnifying lens to it.


Locking Mechanism:

[REAL vs. FAKE] CARTIER LOVE Bracelet SUPER-FAKE Detail Comparison | My First Luxury

A cursory glance at our image of the locking mechanisms should easily tell you which one is pure garbage and which one screams luxe jewelry. The jagged pieces of metal, and the weirdly slim screw head is a dead giveaway of the wannabe Cartier bangle.

[REAL vs. FAKE] CARTIER LOVE Bracelet SUPER-FAKE Detail Comparison | My First Luxury

No self-respecting jeweler would brazenly manufacture and sell this piece on the left which looks hurriedly and thoughtlessly put together. As opposed to our bangle on the right that displays only the cleanest surfaces. There is no discoloration on the screw threads either since we are dealing with real gold, not like the plated metal used on the left poor man’s version.


The Devil is in the Details

Contrary to popular belief, fakes are not entirely cheap. Many Super-Fake designer goods are still expensive. If you run into a cheap imitation, the quality is hardly acceptable. Not to say that the overall quality of fakes is comparable to the real deal.

At the end of the day, a fake will still be a poor copy. When we buy an authentic Cartier Love Bracelet or any luxe item for the matter, we are paying for the grade of the materials used, as well as the craftsmanship that goes into producing every single component of these high-end goodies.

Designer items especially fine jewelry are investments that do not diminish in value. A replica on the other hand is nothing but a disposable commodity that will eventually end up in a landfill one day holding no value other than that of a piece of junk. Sounds harsh, but that’s what it is.



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