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Fashion is an amazing way for us to express ourselves. The great thing about fashion is how trends simply cycle back allowing us to enjoy styles we thought would be gone for good. If you happen to have kept favorite pieces from a few years back but are reluctant to put them on, worry not because in a matter of time these items will be trendy once again.

One perfect example is mini bags. These cute accessories were once a staple item to have during the ’90s. Unlike the mini backpacks and purses of the time, the latest designs feature more diverse designs that have been made even smaller than the ones before them. Nowadays, you not only want a mini bag – you want a micro one. Where these bags are lacking in function, they do make up for it when it comes to style.

Comparing The 4 BEST CHANEL Micro Bags 2021 | What Fits? Mod Shots +Honest Opinion | My First Luxury

Suffice to say, mini bags aren’t designed to carry anything more than some cash and a few cards. Consider yourself lucky if you are even able to fit a tube of lipstick in the tiny compartment that these bags have. And if you think you are limited to fast fashion options, think again since well-known designer labels have jumped onto the bandwagon. So if you are a collector of luxury goods, then these babies will make great additions. A top contender amongst the designer label mini bags is from Chanel. We’ve gathered 4 designs that we’re breaking down to help you choose which one to get on your next shopping spree.

The Season’s Hottest Mini Bags

This season’s hottest bag is hardly big enough to fit your house key. Spotted on the runway of Chanel, these micro mini bags are on the must-have lists of fashionistas everywhere. No longer just a card case on a strap, these cute tiny totes work well on any outfit. Celebs can be seen wearing them as a simple sling bag, either as a solitary accessory or sometimes layered. Its diminutive size also makes it ideal as a belt bag, and sometimes as a bag charm. In truth, the styling options are limited to your own imagination. Without further ado, here’s some of the hottest of 2021.


Small Leather Card Holder From The Métiers d’Art Colletion

To start things off, we’ve got a very stylish mini bag from the Métiers d’Art collection. Upon initial inspection, this small leather good does appear to be a cardholder on a chain. However, this vintage style cutie could work just as well as a trendy micro bag.

It’s an inventive mix of both vintage and modern style that catches the attention of many fans of the brand. A hefty pearl handle that’s accentuated with the iconic logo is the centerpiece of this fabulous accessory. The bag itself is nicely structured and can house several cards and has some room for cash. The one we are featuring is in black and appears to be calfskin leather and not the usual lambskin. 

Comparing The 4 BEST CHANEL Micro Bags 2021 | What Fits? Mod Shots +Honest Opinion | My First Luxury

Unfortunately, the eye-catching bangle-like design of the handle does come with a bit of a downside. Due to its substantial weight, the handle does cause the bag to tip over when worn on its leather and chain strap. The design of the long strap also poses some issues since it is attached to the underside of the bag’s flap. As a result, the leather and chain strap tends to rub against the material of the outside of the flaps. Over time, it is possible for these stress points to develop indentations. Overall, this mini bag best houses flat items, as bulky pieces like lipstick or keys could stretch the leather.

Mini bag on a “hanger”

There is some dispute as to the actual name of this adorable miniature bag. Some call it coin purse. Others say it’s a card holder. For the purpose of this review, we shall simply be referring to it as a “hanger” bag. As the nickname for the bag would suggest, it comes with a beautiful top handle that is quite similar to a clothing hanger.

Comparing The 4 BEST CHANEL Micro Bags 2021 | What Fits? Mod Shots +Honest Opinion | My First Luxury

This handle feels sturdy and is a combination of leather and gold metal trim. Upon flipping the bag over, a Chanel logo is seen stamped onto the metal handle, and on either side of the stamping are two screws with the iconic Chanel CC emblem on it. Unlike the previous bag we discussed, users need not worry about indentations from the strap thanks to its more thought-out design. Whether you like wearing your bag long or short, this bag lets you do both.

The bag comes with a single compartment and a small pocket. Its volume allows you to fit a handful of cards, and even lipstick. Part of the Fall-Winter Collection, the mini hanger bag also comes in a variety of colors aside from the classic black and gold we have featured.


Classic Mini Flap Style

The most classic design in this review also happens to be the most practical. Compared to the latest mini bags that Chanel has been churning out, the classic mini flap has a tall and wide frame that allows wearers to store a bit more in it.

Comparing The 4 BEST CHANEL Micro Bags 2021 | What Fits? Mod Shots +Honest Opinion | My First Luxury

We are featuring one that is an in-between color of a dusty pink and a beige. It may appear to have a beige hue to it but it is important to note that the bag does not carry the brand’s true beige color. Nonetheless, this treated lambskin is moderately soft and has some gorgeous vintage retro gold hardware to it. 

Admittedly, its rather lightweight feel makes the price tag ($1,825 USD) seem a little steep for it.  Where the bag itself is lacking in heft, the heavy chains have made up for it. Even if it is a single compartment bag with no pockets, it remains to be an easy favorite.

Small Vanity On Chain

Hands down the most spacious of all the four bags we are showcasing, the micro vanity with a chain that looks mighty sturdy. Another single compartment bag can fit some cash, cards, lipstick, and possibly even some keys. We however advise against overloading this bag, we’ll tell you why in a bit.

The bag, like the others before it, has both a shoulder strap and a handle. Both components are separately attached to the bag with their own hardware. This assures there is less stress on these attachments. The material is a soft caviar leather in pink and the gold hardware is a brassy champagne gold. The cutest feature of this roomy micro bag from Chanel is the zipper which is a dangly chain and logo detail. This stylish addition juxtaposes the simple leather tab that sits on the zipper opposite it. Speaking of zippers, a peek on the underside exposes the classic double CC embossed onto it. It’s a simple detail that elevates this bag instantly.

Comparing The 4 BEST CHANEL Micro Bags 2021 | What Fits? Mod Shots +Honest Opinion | My First Luxury

Perhaps the biggest issue that many could have with this bag would involve the small bit of leather that connects the bag. When fully unzipped, the bag hinges on a portion of leather that will crease over time. The same issue could present itself when the bag is overloaded. So, while it is tempting to make full use of its spacious interior, we would advise that you proceed with caution.


Our Bag Of Tricks

Now that we’ve given you a quick rundown of what each bag’s pros and cons are, we are hoping this can help Chanel enthusiasts decide which one to get from the 2021 collection. Since some people buy bags for the style boost it gives outfits, others decide based on functionality.

Regardless of which bag you pick from our lineup, we know you will find one that will suit your fancy, just as these beauties have done with us.



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