Unboxing Louis Vuitton 2021 Watercolor Collection | What Fits in the Mini Keepall

Louis Vuitton WATERCOLOR Collection just launched and we dive into it by unboxing the LV MINI KEEPALL.

Yes, you read that right – there is a mini Keepall. Weirdly, it is listed as Watercolor Bag Charm and Key Holder even though the tag clearly says Mini Keepall. Not to be mistake with the Keepall XS. It’s literally a mini Keepall the size of a wallet.

But the question is, what does it fit?

Keys and coins? Sure. Cards? Let’s see. That would make it the most stylish card holder out there!


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ABOUT LOUIS VUITTON WATERCOLOR COLLECTION: Inspired by West Coast skaters and artists, Louis Vuitton’s summer collection by Virgil Abloh brings bright hues that emulate the ever-changing colors of the summer sky, focusing on three moments in time: dawn, afternoon, and dusk. A revisited watercolor Monogram is introduced in shades of indigo, blurred as if drops of water had fallen on ink. Enlivening the collection, a watercolor Monogram in a rainbow of colors expresses the joyful mood of the summer season.

Conveying a sense of the infinite, a recurrent theme in Virgil Abloh’s collections, this season’s designs are embodied and highlighted by American rapper 21 Savage’s laid-back, California energy.


See the full Watercolor collection here


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