Louis Vuitton Key Pouch vs. LV Watercolor Mini Keepall

Through the years the iconic Louis Vuitton brand has been a standard fixture in closets and collections across the globe. A luxury unisex luggage maker, LV offers a wide array of classic styles as well as an assemblage of goods that appeal to both the young and old alike.

Aside from their signature pieces, this well-loved label has been releasing new selections, season after season. But before you think that Louis Vuitton is just another industry name that has jumped onto the current itty bitty bag trend, think again! The season’s must-have mini bags have somewhat been a part of the LV name for some time now.

How so? Longtime fans have already known that the LV key clés is an absolute staple, not to mention a great starting point for anyone interested in small leather goods (slg) or luxe brands in general. If you happen to be on the lookout for a teeny tiny bag, you cannot go wrong with the LV Key Pouch or the newest addition – the LV Watercolor Mini Keepall. However, if you aren’t ready to take both pieces off the shelves then here’s a rundown on each slg style to help you decide which one is the better buy.

My First Luxury Louis Vuitton Key Cles Key Pouch vs Watercolor Mini Keepall


The Louis Vuitton Key Pouch In Detail

Measuring at 12 x 7 x 1.5 cm the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch’s most sought out styles are the classic monogrammed coated canvas, the Damier Ebene canvas, and the Damier Azur canvas. This key clés retails around $270 USD making it a reasonable jump-off point for those who are just getting into luxury products for the first time.

My First Luxury Louis Vuitton Key Cles Key Pouch vs Watercolor Mini Keepall

Made out of coated canvas and designed with a simple and fuss-free appearance, the LV Key Pouch comes with gold hardware that compliments the monogrammed canvas nicely. Only the graphite version comes with silver hardware. The zip closure keeps your slim key, credit card, or spare bill from falling out. And the compact structure of this pouch allows you to slide it into your back pocket with ease, you can also add it to your purse, use it as a bag charm or hook it onto your belt hoop as an added fashion piece. 

Undeniably, the craftsmanship of the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch is more straightforward which explains the lower price point compared to that of the LV Watercolor Mini Keepall or bag charm.


Dissecting the LV Watercolor Mini Keepall

Moving on from the Key Pouch, the next up for dissection is the Watercolor mini bag from the SLG category. Of all the small leather goods produced by Louis Vuitton, the Watercolor Mini Keepall is the one most born out of the minuscule bag fashion craze. As one would expect the LV Watercolor Mini was patterned after the classic Louis Vuitton Keepall. Where the classic exudes the quintessential design and appeal of the label, the mini is a fun and fresh update. Its playful watercolor print is a great addition to liven up any outfit.

My First Luxury Louis Vuitton Key Cles Key Pouch vs Watercolor Mini Keepall

The mini’s silhouette is rather voluminous which gives you more room to store keys, change, cash, and even a few bank cards. If anything, the LV Watercolor Keepall which measures 2 x 4.3 inches comes with silver colored hardware to accentuate the watercolor canvas to a tee.

Retailing at $790 USD the Louis Vuitton Monogram Watercolor Bag Charm is a beautifully detailed SLG that is for all intents and purposes – aesthetically appealing. An easy favorite amongst the color loving crowd it’s double lined satiny interiors are a sleek departure from the simple lining that the Key Pouch comes with.


A Quick Comparison

From the get-go, it is plain to see that the Key Pouch and the Mini Keepall are from two different spectrums. While the key pouch offers users with a longer opening that allows easy storage and access to credit cards, cash, or keys.

Thanks to its flat structure this key clés slides in and out of pockets without a snag. On the downside, the same slim construction limits what you can place in the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch without deforming its shape.

In comparison, the LV Watercolor Mini Keepall, though roomy on the inside doesn’t have a zip opening that is wide enough to easily slide items in. Inserting the run of the mill credit or debit card requires you to slip it in at an angle. Where the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch weighs as little as 38 grams, the Mini Keepall comes in at 59 grams.

Save for the fact that both small luxury goods are minute in size, there is not much semblance especially based on appearance and style. What does set the Louis Vuitton Watercolor Bag Charm apart is its uniqueness. Many collectors have even come to associate the potential notoriety of the Watercolor to that of the Murakami Collection.


In Summary

At the end of the day, the selection process still relies heavily on personal preference. Loyal fans of Louis Vuitton will no doubt have both the LV Key Pouch and the Watercolor Mini Keepall in their midst. But it does not mean that you should do the same. When buying designer goods, it is always a great idea to consider usage, price point, and your overall style.

The Louis Vuitton Key Pouch is a classy and timeless leather product that can easily be paired with anything. And the LV Watercolor Mini Keepall is the statement piece that can elevate your look in seconds.

If you can afford to buy both for your collection, then by all means do so since the LV brand is after all a lasting investment that can be passed on to your children. Otherwise, it is beneficial to pick your purchases wisely. For the most part, lots of fashion enthusiasts still prefer to pick items that can be incorporated into their personal style. Regardless of the direction, you choose to go, the important thing is that your purchase suits your needs and makes you happy.


See the full Watercolor collection here



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