TUTORIAL: Dissemble & Recombine 2 Hermès Herbags | How to Change the Look of Herbag

The Hermès Herbag is a great bag to start your Hermès collection and most people don’t even know about the true versatility of this bag.

Of course you can style it up or down however you like. Most people add bag charms and willies to their bag, and some have probably heard of the possibility to clean the Herbag easily.

It is true, you can take the entire bag apart, separating the leather from the canvas. And if you have 2 Herbag, you can mix and match to create different combinations and create your unique or favorite color combination!

A Herbag Zip 31 costs about $2600 (plus tax) in the US, which makes it one of the more affordable Hermès pieces. But considering the potential to mix and match different colors, the Herbag established itself as a durable fun handbag that’s flexible following your style and moods ?

This video will give you a step by step instruction on how to dissemble and re-assemble the Hermès Herbag.


Choose Your Favorite Hermès Herbag here:   Hermès Herbags



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Choose Your Favorite Hermès Herbag!

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