How I Got My Hermès KELLY MINI II (K20) in Rose Sakura | Spending Ratio

A good quality handbag can last you a lifetime. This is particularly the case with luxury goods made out of premium leather materials. One prime example of a high-end label that is widely known for producing top-of-the-line leather bags is Hermès.

Established in 1837 in Paris France, Hermès is a fashion and lifestyle design house that specializes in producing a wide range of leather products, home furnishings, jewelry, ready-to-wear clothing, perfume, and luxe lifestyle accessories. Despite their extensive lineup, the Hermès name is regarded primarily for their highly coveted handbags.

Two such styles that have become a popular fixture amongst celebs and royalty alike are the Hermès Birkin and the Hermès Kelly. Over the years, these gorgeous leather bags have been spotted on the arm of Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Irina Shayk, Cardi B, Gigi Hadid, and even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.


The Stories Behind the Kelly and Birkin Bag

In spite of the celebrity status, the iconic Birkin was birthed from a very basic need. Designed by Jean-Louis Dumas, the Hermès Executive Chairman in 1984, the Birkin was a result of actress Jane Birkin complaining about her inability to find a mommy bag, that is, a bag that could fit everything that a mother needed. Who would have thought that the whole inspiration for this now valuable and very exclusive arm candy was essentially a diaper bag?

But if you think the Birkin is the OG mommy bag, think again. The real titleholder belongs to the Hermès Kelly Bag. Originally known as the Sac à dépêches, the bag which was first introduced to the market in 1935 had undergone numerous redesigns. If you are wondering why we herald this as the original, it’s simply because of how it was used in 1956. Renamed the Kelly Bag after Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco was photographed using the bag to hide her pregnancy. With her image splashed across publications, the public began referring to it as the Kelly bag and from there, its popularity rose stratospherically.  It must be noted however that the bag’s name wasn’t officially changed until 1977. Currently, Hermès Kelly bags cost a minimum of roughly $9,000 USD.

Rose Sakura Hermes Kelly Mini II (K20)

Like Indiana Jones searching for the Ark of the Covenant, a lot of us Hermès fans have our own Holy Grail pieces we spend years searching for. Very few are fortunate enough to immediately have a rare handbag from the design house in their midst.

One such unicorn we never thought we would be immensely lucky to land so soon in our year-long journey is the Rose Sakura Hermes Kelly Mini II.

My First Luxury Hermès Mini Kelly Sellier II Rose Sakura Kelly Mini Rose Sakura K20

Highly sought out, the Rose Sakura is a nod to the Japanese Cherry Blossom and its subtle pink hue. Regardless of the claims made, walking out of the Hermès store even the FSH with a Kelly Mini especially a K20 Rose Sakura is unheard of. Compared to the bubblegum pink counterpart, the Rose Sakura is an elusive piece.

Made of goatskin leather with palladium hardware, the Kelly Mini Rose Sakura or any color for the matter is a handbag that you must earn. And believe us when we say that earning it does not come cheap. As of 2021, this little lady is priced at $8,550 USD. Other than reaching the desired spending ratio which from our experience is around 1:2 to be offered the bag there are certain factors you must also accomplish.


How to Get the Hermès Birkin or Kelly Bag

As the reputation of the company grew, more and more VIP clients could be seen with this “It” bag. Because so many stars and well-known personalities were toting the bag, it soon became a status symbol.

Owning an authentic Hermès Birkin or Hermès Kelly meant the person had serious money in the bank. Due to its high demand, the bags that used to go unnoticed eventually sold out with many eager buyers ending up on waiting lists.

Nowadays, getting a handbag from Hermès is not as simple as walking into the boutique and picking one off the shelves. Rather, those of us who truly want to own this luxurious masterpiece have to go through an arduous process especially if we want to get our hands on hard-to-find beauties.

My First Luxury Hermès Mini Kelly Sellier II Rose Sakura Kelly Mini Rose Sakura K20

The journey of acquiring something like the Hermès Kelly Mini II in Rose Sakura is not one born out of pure luck. Though there are many out there claiming to have successfully snagged a bag just by visiting the Hermès FSH (Faubourg Saint Honoré) in Paris, this is not one of those instances. Regulars of our site have by now seen our Hermès hauls so today, we’re going to tackle a few vital lessons that helped us get an item off our wishlist.


Lesson #1: Sales Associates

When you become a regular client for any luxury brand, you end up with your own Sales Associate. He or she will be instrumental in helping you get your dream bags. Therefore, it is important to develop a good rapport with them. Create and maintain a good working relationship with the Associate as well as the branch Manager.

Don’t be a suck up, just be genuine with them and communicate clearly what your desired item or items are. Instill in their minds which specific bag you wish to get as your quota. The main goal is for your SA to recall who you are and what item you are looking to procure should it become available to them.


Lesson #2: Spending Profile

The matter of fact is your spending credentials are very important if you want to be offered a quota bag. Many longtime Hermès bag collectors have all worked on building their spending profile. Through the course of our acquisition voyage, we have purchased a wide array of luxe Hermès goods.

In order to fortify your credentials, it helps to procure various items from the brand that cements your place as an individual who is willing to invest in their products and in their eyes eligible for larger purchases like a Kelly bag. Lest you missed out on what the spending ratio is to be eligible for an offer – it’s simply spending double the amount before you are able to get a piece.

Oh, and btw, every quota bag you get resets your spending ratio. Thus, with each item you tick off your wishlist, you must continue to work on your Hermès spending profile.

My First Luxury Hermès Mini Kelly Sellier II Rose Sakura Kelly Mini Rose Sakura K20


Lesson #3: A Stroke of Luck

When we talk about luck, we just don’t mean randomly visiting the Hermès shop nearest you and being handed the bag of your dreams. You see, even after we have become pals with our SA, and we’ve attained an impressive spending portfolio, there is still some luck necessary to land us the Hermès Kelly Mini in Rose Sakura (a special color combo).

Before a bag gets offered to us, it must 1) be produced, 2) end up in the boutique we buy from 3) our SA must win the item from an internal raffle, 4) we are within our quota, and 5) the SA offers the bag to us.

Therefore, for the bag to come into our possession, these elements must align. Which means a certain degree of luck comes into play. And may we also add that it also doesn’t hurt to have thoughtful partner who is ready to help make our Hermès desires come true!


Bonus Lesson: Raffles

As mentioned previously, there are multiple components that result in a person getting their wishlist item from Hermès. One of these includes a raffle or lottery. Whenever a bag like the Rose Sakura Kelly Mini II ends up in a boutique, a lottery system takes place because the demand is just too high. The SA whose name is drawn in the lottery “wins” the bag. The Sales Associate can then choose which amongst his/her clients the bag is offered to. Simply put, even if the bag is available in your Hermès store, if your SA doesn’t have dibs – better luck next time!


The Cat is Out of the Bag

In case it needs repeating – a good amount of work and patience is required to get your Hermès dream bag. Though it may seem trivial, getting along with a Sales Associate makes a world of difference. Not only will your SA be on the lookout for bags you covet, but they can also be your insider on the latest drops, events, and any possible store promotions.

My First Luxury Hermès Mini Kelly Sellier II Rose Sakura Kelly Mini Rose Sakura K20


Additionally, when we make purchases to build our profile, we also must consider each acquisition as an investment. And making conscious purchasing choices along the way adds to our credibility as a worthy and serious client of the Hermès label. Since each Hermès bag is handcrafted by an artisan from start to finish it’s only logical for the price tag to reflect its quality and exclusive nature.



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