CHANEL 22P PREVIEW | Taking A First Look At The Chanel 22P Collection

While most people are serving you with year-end rundowns, we’re giving you a sneak peek of Chanel’s much-awaited Pre-spring and summer collection. Also known as the 22P Collection, the preview we’re about to show you is truly a visual masterpiece and we cannot wait to see them in person.

Despite the brand being called out by critics for recently increasing its prices, loyal fans like us have not wavered in our devotion. How could we? After all, no other brand name in the industry has continuously produced world-class and timeless pieces that can still be enjoyed by many future generations. Owning a Chanel handbag is an investment that only goes up in value while retaining the utmost quality in all their pieces.

Thanks to some VICs (Very Important Clients) who have gotten first dibs on these luxe goodies, we are able to get a glimpse of what we can expect in the coming collection. So, without further ado, we give you the exciting selection Chanel will be dishing out by early Spring of 2022.


A Quick Look Back Into The History Of The Chanel Flap Bag

Undeniably one of the most iconic pieces made in the history of fashion, the Chanel Classic Flap Bag was the brainchild of Coco Chanel herself. Introduced to upper-class women in 1929, the purse donned the quintessential quilted fabric and flap style, however, it was rather cumbersome to carry since it did not come with straps. It wasn’t until years later, 1955 to be exact that her first-ever shoulder bag design was created which birthed the moniker of the 2.55 Chanel bag.

Compared to the bags from the early days of Chanel, the current Flap Bag produced by the design house now carries the interwoven leather and metal strap. Another addition made by Karl Lagerfeld, the brand’s Creative Director in the 80s was the interlocking CC lock that took the place of the logo-free original design. Now as we look at this season’s lineup, we marvel at how far this beloved handbag has managed to spawn motifs that captivate longtime collectors together with the newer ones.

Chanel 22P Denim light wash dark wash

Chanel 22P Collection Preview

While very few changes have been made to the overall design and structure of the Chanel Classic Flap, the repertoire has grown in leaps and bounds with the colors and materials being introduced each season. For the Spring-Summer 2022 Collection, the well-loved Maison brings us a variety that will surely refresh our interest in growing our personal stash of these beauties in addition to other styles.

Casual Denim

If you have been a regular viewer of our Youtube channel, then you are no stranger to Chanel’s growing lineup of denim bags and accessories. As you may already know, 21K gave us some gorgeous blue jeans inspired bags, now the 22P Collection brings us even more delectable denim offerings. Not only has denim been making a comeback in recent years, but it also appears as though the trend is here to stay for good. This is evidenced by the myriad of jean material bags and accessories fashion houses have been churning out.

Chanel 22P Hobo denim bag

What makes this Season’s set stand out is the light wash fabric that is adorned with the brand’s colorfully stamped name. Aside from the crowd favorite Flap design, two of Chanel’s 22P denim bags that caught our attention come in the hobo structure and the bucket shape. Other than their bags, Chanel also produced a range of ready-to-wear clothing that carries the same denim patterns.

Chanel 22P black denim logo print

Continuing With Iridescent

There is just something about a shiny item that instantly catches the eye. In this case, we aren’t talking about jewelry (you can check our other videos for that), what we do want to discuss is the continuing trend of iridescent bags. For the upcoming Spring/Summer selection, Chanel has stepped up their game by producing more of the holo shimmer we have spotted in the past.


The Chanel 19 Handbags

Chanel 22P iridescent black chanel 19 bag

Named after bags issued in 2019, the Chanel 19 is no one-hit-wonder. In fact, the 22P set introduces us to even more colors, fabrics, and fun patterns. Among next year’s releases are a gorgeous watercolor purse, a stunning all-black number, two denim options (light and dark wash), and a tweed selection that we absolutely cannot wait to get our hands on. What’s great about the 19 bags is the price that remains competitive. With the recent markup of the medium Chanel Flaps, many are opting for other bags to add to their private collection. 


Updates On The Classic Flap

Obviously, no season is complete without Chanel’s Classic Flap bag. For the 22P selection, the brand offers an array of hues that are just perfect for the coming Spring and Summer months.

Chanel 22P Classic Flap Bag Yellow Purple

Amongst its much anticipated assemblage is pretty pastel lemon yellow and a nice muted pink that would brighten up any outfit. One noticeable update made to this classic purse can be seen in the small Chanel Flap with a top handle. In keeping with the other luxe options, the top handle variety comes in a pastel blue, a soft banana yellow, and a washed-out pink watercolor bag to name a few noteworthy examples.

Now if you happen to prefer a nice inky black then you will be thrilled with this special inclusion. This all-black top handle Flap bag comes with a unique charm that’s believed to pay homage to Coco.

Making a reappearance is the adjustable chain that was seen in the 21K Season. To up the ante, the 22P version now includes two dangly blinged up double CCs at the ends of the chain.

For those who prefer something more utilitarian yet still ultra-chic, a backpack happens to be part of the 2022 selection as well.


More Tweed

Chanel 22P Classic Flap Tweed

We’ve made no secret of our little obsession with tweed and Chanel 22P does not disappoint. As previously mentioned, the fabric is visible in the Chanel 19 bag range for the January to March launch. And in order to ensure fans do not go home empty handed, the label has made the design available for the Classic Flap as well. Currently, we’ve seen previews of the bag in purple, plus a black and yellow ribbon tweed option.


The Coco Handle

Chanel 22P Coco Handle

Albeit being in the mid $3,000 USD price point, people cannot seem to get enough of this silhouette. Right now, the style boasts of pastels and some metallics, but we are certain that future pieces will include a wider color range.


Counting Down To 2022

We cannot wait for the new year to usher in this diverse assembly of bags and accessories from the Chanel fashion label. Though we primarily featured bags in our 22P sampler, the design house will also be rolling out accouterments like hats, scarves, brooches, etc. We know we’ve got a few items on our Spring/Summer Chanel wishlist, what about you? What are your favorites? Get ready because Chanel is about to make your 2022 lit AF!



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