Cartier Love Bracelet Small vs. Regular Size – Which Is Right For You

In recent years it has become ultra-fashionable to stack accessories along with your favorite jewelry. A staple on the wrists of many influencers and celebrities, the Cartier Love Bracelet isn’t exactly an arm candy newcomer. This simple but classic gold bangle has been a favorite by jewelry loving men and women across the globe for some time now.

Even if you aren’t into fashion, the Cartier name is something you are already familiar with or at least know about to a certain degree. After all, the iconic brand dates back as far as the year 1847 when it was founded by Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris, France. Then and now, Cartier manufactures, distributes and sells luxury watches and jewelry pieces.

Cartier Love Bracelet Small Size vs Regular Size


The Early Beginnings Of The Love Bracelet

And one of the brand’s most well-known designs is the Cartier Love Bracelet. It was in 1969 when Aldo Cipullo designed this simple yet unique bracelet. While not much has changed with the design, the original, featured gold plating while newer versions are made of solid gold or platinum. The letter “O’ with a horizontal line running through it is both decorative and functional. One of these symbols that dot the length of this evocative bangle hides the locking mechanism itself, creating a seamless look throughout.

But what makes this bracelet stand out the most from other bangles is its one-of-a-kind locking mechanism which can only be locked and unlocked with a special screwdriver. Interestingly enough, it is this one-of-a-kind feature that has made it popular especially amongst couples. More often than not, the Cartier Love Bangle is gifted to symbolize love and devotion between lovers. While the recipient wears the bracelet, his or her partner keeps the screwdriver. We could even consider this as a modern version of the promise ring.

Of course, all you single ladies or any unattached folk for the matter, need not shy away from this exquisite piece. Rather than wait for a special person to give you one, why not practice some bit of self-love and get yourself a Cartier Love Bracelet? Before you do, here are a few things you need to know about the Cartier Love Bracelet sizing as well as its other amazing details.


Differentiating the Small size from the Regular size Love Bracelet

A perfect example of peace & love, the Cartier Love Collection was New York’s must-have item in the Seventies. But did you know that there are two types of Love Bracelets? At least in terms of sizing that is.

Cartier Love Bracelet Small Size vs Regular Size

Most people won’t put much stock into sizing until the very last minute. We rather that you don’t. If anything, sizing is one of the key decisions that you should make early on. When we talk about sizing, we don’t just mean the measure of your wrist.

The Cartier Love bangle comes in small and regular sizes. By this, Cartier is referring to the thickness of the bracelet. Let us break it down for you.


Cartier Love Bracelet Small Size

For the purpose of this comparison, we will be using Love bracelets in rose gold and size 17. In terms of thickness the small size has a 3.65mm band width and has a weight of 19 grams and is currently priced at $4,250 USD. Upon closer inspection, you will find details engraved into the inner portion. Other than the brand name, the bracelet’s size, gold hallmark, and serial number can be found on the piece. It should be noted that serial numbers were not part of the original design, rampant production of counterfeit Love bracelets eventually led to the inclusion of this unique identifier.

Cartier Love Bracelet Small Size vs Regular Size

Unlike the regular-sized one, the small bracelet has a hinge mechanism and a locking clasp for you to secure it in place with the help of the screw design unique to this bracelet. The single locking clasp on one side is the main difference between the two size types from the Cartier Love Collection.


Cartier Love Bracelet Regular Size

Moving onto the regular size bangle, you will notice that it contains its signature screws on both sides of the band. The absence of a hinge in this classic design has resulted in the bracelet being referred to as a “modern love handcuff.”

Each half of the band contains an end with a closing portion (the screw), while the other, houses the receiving end. Screwing the bands on both sides is, therefore, a necessary step. Otherwise, the Love bangle cannot be worn.  Though the original had screws that came off entirely, the newer versions don’t. Obviously, having components that can come free from the bracelet became problematic due to owners losing the screws every now and then.

Cartier Love Bracelet Small Size vs Regular Size

The Cartier Love Bracelet Regular Size priced at $6,550 USD has a width of 6.1mm, making it roughly double the size of the small version and it weighs around 32 grams. Both are 18k gold with product details inscribed into the inner part of the band.


The Love Bracelet: Why Size Matter

As we have already mentioned, the Cartier Bracelet from the Love Collection originally came in regular size yellow gold and platinum. Nowadays, the collection no longer includes platinum bangles. In its place, however, Cartier added white gold and a rose gold version, as well as variations that include diamond adornments. And the designs can be found in both regular and small size bangles.

It is no secret that most women tend to pick the smaller bracelet because it can be stacked with a bunch of other Love bracelets or with other jewelry in general. And the size happens to look great on smaller frames as well.

Whereas the thicker band that the regular size sports are often favored by those who want a stand-alone piece. It is also a popular choice amongst men who find the slim band of the small-sized Cartier Love Bracelet a bit too dainty for their liking.

But don’t let these common practices deter you from selecting the Cartier Love Bracelet size you want. Bracelet sizes not only determine how much you’re going to have to shell out for your new arm bling, but they will also help you determine which band thickness suits your style the most. Knowing how each type differs is just a guide you can use because, at the end of the day, the choice is still all up to your personal preference.


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