Cartier Love Bracelet 24/7 For 5 Years! How Did It Hold Up? | Long-Term Wear Review

The Cartier Love Bracelet is an iconic piece of jewelry that needs no introduction. Ranging from its steadfast and one-of-a-kind design to how it maintained its appearance the same since 1970. This video will examine the topic of how well this beautiful piece of jewelry ages over a period of time – 5 years of non-stop wearing in this case, and what are the visible wear and tear signs that can be noticed.

My First Luxury Cartier Love Bracelet wear and tear review after 5 years

Cartier has recently released a thinner version of the bracelet a.k.a. the small Love bracelet but in this video, we’ll look particular at the original regular size Love bracelet to answer questions like:

  • Can you sleep with it?
  • Can you shower with it?
  • Does it hurt wearing it all the time?
  • Should it be polished after it’s been worn for a long time?
  • Do the screws fall out?
  • And most importantly, how does it look after five years of constant wear?

We will make it easy by comparing the bracelet to an almost new Love bracelet with 4 diamonds. You’ll see clear differences.


Anytime, Anywhere

Let’s start off with clarifying one thing: the Cartier Love bracelet is designed to be worn at all times. It is not intended to be taken on and off again and again. It is intended to be a part of your everyday life and you’ll be glad to know that this bracelet can be worn just like that. Whether you are taking a shower, are busy in your daily life doing house chores or at the office typing on your computer, and even when you are sleeping. After all, that’s what it was designed to do.

People are often reluctant about wearing such an expensive piece on the daily, especially when they are not even trying to show off. But trust me when I tell you that you’ll start getting used to it just after a couple of days. But you won’t get used to how it feels and how it makes you feel anytime soon.

My First Luxury Cartier Love Bracelet wear and tear review after 5 years

If you have seen or have had a previous version of the Love bracelet, you will know that the screws were meant to come out completely which is not the case with the new version. The design of the mechanism was modified so that the screws stay inside the bracelet despite being completely opened.

When it comes to size, it depends on your preference how tight or loose you like to wear it around your wrist. You can choose a slightly loose fit to allow it to roam between the wrist and front of the forearm or have a tighter fit which will hold its place and display little to no displacement. Just make sure you feel comfortable.

Talking about comfortable, you’ll be better off getting a second pair of hands helping you put it on your wrist. I’m not saying that you can’t achieve it on your own, but it’s more of an occasion if someone else does that for you. Also keep in mind that the gold screws will wear out over time when opening and closing it repeatedly. So be a little careful with them and try to avoid taking it on and off.

When it comes to lotions, shower gels, fragrances or other things it may come in contact with, I wouldn’t worry too much. Since it stays on at all times, it will go through a lot. My Love bracelet got in touch with all kinds of things. You won’t be able to avoid it. Just be a little mindful and try to avoid spraying fragrance straight onto it and rinse it with water after taking a swim in the ocean. And the obvious one… try to avoid accidentally hitting other things with it.

My First Luxury Cartier Love Bracelet wear and tear review after 5 years


Comparing A New And Worn Love Bracelet

Looking at below image, you can tell which one is new and which one has been used for about five years. A simple side by side comparison suffices to clear up which one has aged and accumulated a number of indentations and scratches and which one hasn’t seen the light of day very often.

My First Luxury Cartier Love Bracelet wear and tear review after 5 years

You will find that the newer one retains its polished, rose-gold shine better than the used version. Keep in mind that both Love bracelets are in rose gold. You can clearly see that the worn piece developed a patina that will appear to be more yellow-gold-ish. This is due to oxidization which affects the original gleam of the bracelet and can be reversed using a rouge cloth.

Besides the color, you will see a ton of tiny scratches all over the bracelet. Don’t worry. If you really want, they can be polished away. But I found that I prefer the worn look because you loose the fear of scratching it and you get to enjoy it more. Upon closer inspection I was surprised to see less damage and wear on the edges than expected. You would think that the outer edge wears and rounds over time, and I’m sure it does, but it still looked pretty great at this point.



The Cartier Love bracelet is a commitment. If your lifestyle doesn’t allow to wear a solid piece of gold around your wrist at all times, I recommend you take a look at the Love cuff or the small Love version, a.k.a. the “skinny” Love, as both can be taken on or off very easily. When it comes to wear and tear, I was happily surprised that 5 years of constant wear didn’t cause a lot of damage and only left superficial scratches. I love the patina of my Love bracelet and how it aged and am not really considering getting it polished. But it’s good to know that you always have that possibility to re-fresh the look.


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