Best 5 Hermès Products Under $500 (That Actually Make Sense..)

For the longest time, luxury goods have never been synonymous with the word affordable. If anything, luxe items like Hermès products have always been the type of purchase that only the rich and famous could afford. But times have changed. More and more people are now adding the bougiest bags, shoes, clothes, and blingiest jewels to their collection. Now before you think these high-end brands have been slashing their prices, we are sorry to say that this isn’t the case.

BEST 5 HERMÈS PRODUCTS UNDER $500 (That Actually Make Sense..) | My First Luxury

Instead, many consumers are coming to realize how much of an amazing investment these goods are to own. Aside from their never-waning value, the styles and designs being rolled out always exude exceptional quality. Thus, an increasing number of men and women are starting to take interest in collecting items from these ultra-luxe designers.

Starting a collection need not break the bank. There is now a growing number of luxury goods that are relatively affordable. To be clear these items are not exactly dirt cheap, however, these are the best 5 Hermès products that fall under $500 that you can use as a jump-off point to start your love affair with luxury.


Top Hermès Items That Actually Make Sense To Buy

The worst thing a newbie collector can do is to buy items for the sake of owning something under a design house. The key to starting a good collection is selecting items that are of top quality and are actually useful to own.

Sure, we think a solid silver soup can from a jewelry Maison is a unique decorative piece but do you really need it? Do you even have the dollar bills to throw at something that is more eye candy than anything else? If you ask us, we think luxe goods are meant to be enjoyed and used as often as possible. Just letting it gather dust in a display case makes our luxury-loving hearts weep. In honor of our first purchases and to ease new collectors into the world of Hermés, we’re listing down the top 5 items from the designer label that we absolutely love and use a lot.


#1: Calvi Card Holder

BEST 5 HERMÈS PRODUCTS UNDER $500 (That Actually Make Sense..) | My First Luxury

Coming in first place is the Calvi Card Case. Currently priced at around $350, this small leather good has two internal pockets which can hold credit cards, IDs, slips of paper, and of course cash. The Calvi is made of authentic calfskin leather. It is available in a variety of colors ranging from the basic blacks, browns, and a rainbow of colors that would suit your mood or color palette.



#2: The Hermès Silk Twilly

A common site amongst many Birkin enthusiasts are these chic silk scarves that adorn bag handles. Only $180 USD, the twilly is a silk scarf that can be used for a variety of things. One of which is as a bag accessory. Twillies don’t just dress up a bag, it gives it personality and it helps protect your bag’s handles from regular wear and tear.

BEST 5 HERMÈS PRODUCTS UNDER $500 (That Actually Make Sense..) | My First Luxury

Because a twilly comes in many designs, it can also be used as a regular scarf to add oomph to a white shirt. Some prefer using it as a hair bandeau or headband, while others rock it as a wrist accessory. Aside from Hermès, other labels like Louis Vuitton and Chanel also have their own selections. The major difference aside from the print on the silk would be the size of the silk. Hermès twillies tend to be shorter in length and a little narrower. Each designer label carries its iconic prints which can be found year-round. Special edition designs are also released to celebrate new collections. Because of its versatility and the amazing price point, lots of collectors become obsessed with it and tend to grow their twilly collection quickly.


#3: Chaine d’Ancre Ring

Made of sterling silver, the Chaine d’Ancre Ring comes in several variations. Depending on the version, this silver ring is priced between $300 to $500 USD. Though not exactly considered high-end jewelry, this gorgeous piece offers better value for your money than an enamel ring. Silver isn’t bound to chip as badly as enamel, though some tarnishing is to be expected. Nonetheless, precautionary measures and proper cleaning can ensure that the ring is nice and shiny for a very long time. It may just be silver, but this exquisite piece can definitely be passed on to future generations. Fans of gold jewelry can rejoice because the Chaine d’Ancre design does come in both yellow and white gold – of course, expect to pay more for them.

BEST 5 HERMÈS PRODUCTS UNDER $500 (That Actually Make Sense..) | My First Luxury

While we did not get to pick up the Chaine d’Ancre the first time around, we did however bring home the Collier de Chien Ring. Just a little over $500, the Collier de Chien style which just gives off that rock vibe is also another piece of jewelry from the Hermès brand that’s worth looking into. It comes in entry-level pricing for sterling silver which beautifully resembles white gold. But if you are looking to buy the real deal, the style does come in white and yellow gold for a higher cost.


#4: Rivale Mini Bracelet

BEST 5 HERMÈS PRODUCTS UNDER $500 (That Actually Make Sense..) | My First Luxury

On the same rockstar-edgy look we have the Rivale Mini Bracelet. The design initially debuted as a chunkier leather band. For many years this stylish bracelet dominated the wrists of many celebrities worldwide. Compared to its older sibling, the Rivale Mini showcases a more slender band while still maintaining its metal pieces. Available in neutral colors, the Rivale also comes in a range of seasonal hues. Its sleek size makes it ideal for stacking with other bangles and wrist accessories. The bracelet size tends to run small so it is best to size up or at least try it on before making a purchase.



#5 Hermès Perfume

We think it’s hard to go wrong with an Hermès scent. Like many other luxury Maisons, the designer label carries an extensive selection of perfumes, body lotions, shower gels, creams, colognes, and similar items. Compared to other brands, Hermès scents are actually priced very affordably. There’s a scent for women, men, and even a unisex one for couples who like sharing. We swear, once you get a whiff of their perfume line and spot their pricing you will not believe your eyes because it definitely is one of the best 5 Hermès products under $500. Please just try not to hoard so that we can all get a chance to feel and smell luxe with these perfumes.


All About The Price Tag

We do not deny that $500 is not exactly spare change. Nonetheless, for those who have been saving up to buy a luxury designer item or items, we think the products we’ve showcased are the perfect pieces to start off with. Considered as the best 5 Hermès Products under $500 (that actually make sense), they bring in both luxury and function. Though if you’re the type who is always checking the ROI (Return of Investment) of your purchase, we are certain these babies won’t let you down.



Calvi Card Holder   |   Calvi Duo Card Holder   |    Bastia Coin Purse   |   Twilly   |   Chaine d’Anrce Ring   |   Collier de Chien Ring   |   Clic H Bracelet   |   Micro Rivale Bracelet   |   Kelly Double Tour Bracelet   |   Hermès Perfume



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