11 Special Hermès Bags Coming In 2022 | Hermès SS 2022 Preview

We can all agree that the last two years or so have not gone by as easily as we would have liked. Due to many health-related restrictions, 2020 and much of 2021 had us all cooped up indoors. Thanks to the internet and various social media platforms we may have been delegated to our homes but we have not been totally disconnected from the outside world.

Although it has become relatively safer to venture out, a lot of us still err on the side of caution. This means, many of us still prefer to do our shopping, as well as our store browsing in a digital format. And clearly, we are no strangers to the online universe since it is our chosen media for sharing our much-loved high-end products and latest luxe finds.

That said, we are here to bring you another glorious preview for a much awaited 2022 launches. This time our lineup of eye-catching posh goodies is brought to us by the house of Hermès. Believe us when we say, theirs is a selection of 11 Special Hermès Bags that takes the cake when it comes to creativity. So regardless if you are looking to add a unique item from Hermès to your mini-museum or you’re simply letting curiosity get the better of you, don’t worry coz as always we’ve got you covered.



Dirty Dozen (almost!)

Okay, so maybe we’re one short of a dozen but we all know this isn’t going to stop you from wanting some tea on the latest Hermès has to show, for the coming season. Buckle up because you are definitely in for a delicious treat with this selection of statement items.


Sac Maximors

my first luxury hermes Sac Maximors

Structured cylindrically, the Maximors is an equestrian-themed flap bag. Minimalist in appearance, the bag features interlocking metal pieces that highlight a horse bit. The sturdy handle makes it easier to tote the bag around but if you prefer wearing it like a shoulder bag or crossbody style, the Hermès Sac Maximors also comes with a slim strap. If your night out with the girls is getting a little rowdy, you never have to fear misplacing it when you have it securely slung on.


Colormatic in Birkin and Kelly

my first luxury hermes birkin colormatic

Up next is the brand’s attempt at reintroducing the fun and youthful color blocking style that was once popular a few years back. Having experienced months of rather dreary existence, the pops of color on an otherwise monotone canvas is a welcomed inclusion. Rather than simply slap two colors together, Hermès has instead opted to add color elements in various segments of the purse. Another noticeable addition is a small zipper compartment on the front panel. Right now, avid collectors of both the Kelly and the Birkin are expecting these silhouettes to be rolled out in swift leather.


Bolide SkateTogo

my first luxury hermes bolide skate

Over the years, the Hermès Bolide has gone through multiple mutations – just like a certain virus we know. But unlike a contagious disease, the Bolide with its classic curve and the ever-changing facade is something we actually do not mind being caught carrying. Spring/Summer 2022 Bolide remains unassuming up top but this time around it was given a stylishly cool skateboard incorporation at the bottom. This change might appear minor however it ensures that the bag caters to a more unisex market. Aside from the aesthetic OOMPH, the skateboard creates a sturdier base that keeps corners from getting worn out.


Hermès Maneggio

my first luxury Hermès Maneggio

Truth be told we’re not entirely sure how to pronounce the name of this little yellow beauty. Nonetheless, this SLG (small leather good) follows the wallet on chain trend. Well, minus the chain and in its place a slender leather strap. Not much is revealed about this Hermès goodie yet, at least none in terms of the inner compartment. Perhaps in the coming weeks, we’d have more intel so stay tuned.



my first luxury hermes toupet toupee

A funky little bag that can liven up any outfit. This cute Fuschia pink tassel-looking number appears to be made of materials that are related to the label’s equestrian heritage. The layers give the handbag a fuller extremely-feminine structure that isn’t typical of the sleek styles in the Hermès lineup. We are absolutely dying to see this in action, and we’re rooting for the fringe detailing to be swishy like the dress of a 1920s Flapper girl.



Steeple Panoplie Equestre and the Pursangle Togo

Continuing on with the equestrian theme, the Hermès Steeple tote is a combination of leather and canvas. Similar to the shape of the classic LV Neverfull, this bag comes with a distinct tag as an added accouterment.

my first luxury hermes Steeple Panoplie Equestre

While the Hermès Steeple Panoplie cuts a ladylike figure, the Pursangle with its black canvas and leather straps has a utilitarian and daresay more masculine appeal. Rest assured the bag isn’t just for the menfolk. The designer label has always maintained that their goods do not discriminate and are aligned towards unisex consumers.

my first luxury hermes Pursangle Togo


Sabot Butler and the Sabot Butler Hunter

Ever since it was introduced, we’ve always had a place in our hearts for the Hermès Picnic. So imagine our delight when we spotted this unique gem amongst the SS 2022 collection.

my first luxury Sabot Butler and the Sabot Butler Hunter picnic

Granted that the Sabot resembles the hoof of a horse, the use of straw or wicker material makes it the bucket-style cousin of the Picnic. Since this semi cottagecore aesthetic isn’t for everyone, the iconic fashion house also released a version that does away with the basket look and instead introduces a metal and leather combo.


Kellydole Picto

Initially introduced in the early 2000s, the Kellydole (“quelle idole” or “what an idol”), also called “Kelly Doll”, became an instant hit amongst the Kawaii culture in Japan. The anthropomorphized doodling of then Executive Chairman, Jean-Louis Dumas went from paper to an actual leather product.

my first luxury hermes kelly dole kelly doll kelly mini kelly 20

Many consider the Kellydole a little over the top but true fans of the Hermès name consider this an ultra-rare find. Fast forward to the year 2021 and once again, the luxury brand is churning out this little cutie. But this time around, it comes as a Kelly mini with pixel stylings. It’s important to know that the original product is not only extremely difficult to find, it also costs an arm and a leg to acquire.


Dare to be different

And there you have it, 11 of the most distinctive offerings from Hermès for 2022. Obviously, there are numerous designs from this SS 2022 Season that won’t appeal to everyone, especially the quirky and unique options. From a collector’s standpoint, this just means less competition but we are willing to bet that fashion’s biggest names would snatch up these statement bags in a heartbeat. We won’t be surprised if daring fashionistas like Bryanboy, Solange Knowles, Rhianna, Zendaya, Billy Porter, and Harry Styles already called dibs on some of these luxury leather beauties. So tell us, which ones caught your eye?



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