My First Luxury Stella McCartney affordable summer bags

These Are The Best Stella McCartney Bags For The Summer 2022

You have seen me dissecting the most popular and hard to get bags from Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and others, and admittedly, they all come at a high price. So, I want to use this post to highlight some of my top picks for the summer from Stella McCartney, that are stylish, recognizable, and most importantly, they cost only a fraction of above-named brands. And to go even further, I partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue for this post to bring you an even better price on your potential new summer handbag.

For the time of 8/29 – 8/31 you’ll get $50 off when spending $250, $100 off when spending $500, $150 off when spending $750, and $200 off when spending $1,000 or more on full price items when using the code ENJOY22SF at Saks Fifth Avenue. But you don’t have to buy a bag – fragrance and beauty are included as well, and I’ll use this chance to stock up on some of my faves!

But don’t worry if you read this post after August, because in my experience, there will be similar promotions in the future, so keep your eyes open.


Unlike the usually mentioned top designer bags that cost somewhere between $6,000 and $10,000, these Stella McCartney handbags come in far, far below that price point.

Now you might say that this is because the brand isn’t as strong and not as recognizable, and you wouldn’t be wrong. That’s why I see these kinds of bags not as an investment or collectors’ item like most Hermès and Chanel bags these days, but as an actual usable everyday bag that you don’t have to worry about. Especially with the recent increase in watch and handbag robberies in broad daylight, I’m thinking twice about what jewelry and handbags to carry before leaving the house. Having a handbag snatched is bad enough, but if that bag was worth $10,000 then this is on a whole other level! And since most robbers are particularly searching for those Chanel and Hermès bags, I feel much safer and relaxed wearing such an underrated bag.


With that out of the way, let’s dive into my top picks for affordable Stella McCartney summer bags for 2022!

My First Luxury Fendi FF Logo Leather Shoulder Bag

The Stella McCartney label is mostly known for their fluffy Falabella bags. Now, I find this particular style better suited for the Fall/Winter time, which is never where I live, but I figured it’s worth mentioning these faux fur bags as I’ve even seen them on Rodeo Drive at 30 degree Celsius. I guess style knows no season.. However, summer does have a different vibe, so let’s focus more on what makes you feel like being on a vacation, shall we?

My First Luxury Bottega Veneta Candy Cassette Lemon

Let me introduce you to the Stella McCartney Falabella Raffia Tote. Now that looks like straight out of a vacay photo shoot somewhere on a tropical island. This tote is perfect for a day on the beach and a great catch-all for trips to the city. Especially in this color combination, this tote screams summer and carries an effortless lightness with it. It’s not only carrying a Mediterranean vibe but actually is made in Italy. However, at only $1,100 this tote won’t hurt your vacay budget too much.

My First Luxury the Balenciaga Hourglass wallet on chain in monogram denim

Next on the list is the Falabella Raffia crossbody bag. This crossbody is the small sibling of the Raffia tote and is ideal for shorter trips when you don’t have to carry a lot of things. It fits most of our daily essentials and keeps them securely behind its zipper closure. It doesn’t just look like summer but also feels very light compared to its leather counterparts. Like the Raffia tote, it is even breathable, and air can pass right through it! At $770 this is one of those bags you don’t have to worry too much about and just enjoy it. It is less of an investment and more of a fashion accessory to lift your mood whenever you wear it.

My First Luxury the Chloé Woody Canvas Tote

Talking about lifting one’s mood… there are a couple bags and accessories that make me smile whenever I see them because they are just so cute. One of them is the Fantasia© Mickey Mouse© Velvet Clutch-On-Strap purse made by Stella McCartney in collaboration with Disney©. I know there are a lot of copyrights in here, but you know Disney©…

You might know how much I love mini bags and this little cutie just puts a smile on my face. It’s not the most practical and at $2,795 it’s also not on the cheap side, but it for sure is a unique, fun and recognizable purse that is not just for you to enjoy but also for onlookers. Just keep an eye on people passing by and their reactions when seeing this velvet-cutie.

My First Luxury Saint Laurent medium Lou Matelassé Camera Bag

For my last 2 picks I’m coming back to summer vibes and effortless use. The Stella McCartney Logo Crossbody bag is a stylish and robust book tote design. I love the white color but know that it might not stay white for too long. So maybe check out the other colors it comes in. But at only $950, my heart won’t hurt too much when seeing this beauty age. And don’t forget that you will get $150 back when using code ENJOY22SF at Saks.

My First Luxury Loewe Elephant leather pocket pouch-on-strap

And lastly, I saved the last spot for one of, if not the best Stella McCartney bag – the Frayme Colorblock shoulder bag. This bag comes in a variety of colors and prints and has proven itself as a great everyday companion. The Frayme is one of those bags you can’t go wrong with. It is sleek, elegant and at $1,395 considered affordable luxe that is made to be used and enjoyed. My favorite color is this pure white which is perfect for summer but will also work well in winter. This versatility is what makes it my number one choice for this list.

With that, I hope that I could give you some inspiration regarding bags for the summer. Of course, there are what seems to be endless options, but these are my affordable top picks from Stella McCartney for 2022.

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