• Living With A CARTIER JUSTE UN CLOU Bracelet | Long-Term Wear And Tear Review

    No matter how careful you are with your fine jewelry, it’s bound to get some bit of wear and tear. Yes, even if you only use your Love bracelet or Juste un Clou on special occasions, eventually dirt, scratches, and dents can show up. Of course, compared to costume accessories, real bling can withstand various elements a hundred times better than plated jewelry.

    Let us be clear though, just because gold and silver arm candy are sturdier it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care for it properly. As we have mentioned, even the finest jewels end up with some blemishes. For the most part, these “issues” aren’t easily visible to the naked eye. And in the event of you finding a ghastly looking imperfection, many luxe designers provide aftercare services – including some restoration work. On that note, let’s take a quick peek at one of the most regularly worn bracelets from my collection.

    Juste un Clou: An Overview

    The Juste un Clou a.k.a. the “just a nail” bracelet is one of Cartier’s edgier pieces. Designed in the 70s, the bangle has become one of the most iconic items under the brand name. Since its inception it has influenced countless industrial style pieces for Cartier, and other luxe jewelry houses. Despite its design, it is a well-loved bracelet by countless women across the globe.

    Currently, the bracelet comes in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and different versions with diamonds set into the jewelry. For the most part, the non-encrusted styles are more popular particularly for daily use. 



    Has the Juste un Clou Bracelet Held Up Over the Years?

    So how has one of the key pieces in my collection held up since its initial purchase? Well, like many people, I treated my Juste un Clou with utmost care during its first few months. Not to say that I’m being absolutely careless with it right now. Just less overly cautious. After all, I doubt I’d get anything done if I was to constantly baby this lovely bangle.

    As many of you may recall, my nail bangle is in rose gold, in size 16, a sister size of the Love bracelet in 17. Here are the notable changes I’d like you to know after years of owning and wearing the piece..


    Rose gold jewelry is made by combining pure gold and copper. Since copper is known to tarnish and fade over time, you can expect the same from rose gold jewelry. Unfortunately, the Juste un Clou is no exception.

    After endlessly wearing it in the course of 3 years, my lovely rose gold bangle is showing significant fading. Which mind you, is only noticeable if it’s stacked with a brand new rose gold piece. The great thing about fine jewels like this Juste un Clou bracelet in rose gold, is it’s still a premium item at the end of the day. Sure, the rose hues are no longer as striking but the beauty of yellow gold shines through! And you can restore the rosy look by using a rouge cloth and give it a quick polish.

    My First Luxury Cartier Juste un clou long term wear and tear review

    We like to think of it as investing in 2 bracelets for the price of 1! The primary reason rose gold fades is due to oxidation. Unfortunately, this is a normal process that can happen even when jewelry is squirreled away and hardly worn. Which is why we always advocate wearing your pieces as often as possible. Because either way, rose gold will fade. So why not enjoy it before it transitions to a gorgeous shiny yellow, right?



    Repeat after us: anything you wear is going to show some weathering. And this is exactly what happened after regular use of the Juste un Clou. Minor surface scratches throughout the bangle are visible when zoomed in. Otherwise, these marks are hardly noticeable.

    My First Luxury Cartier Juste un clou wear and tear review

    It is crucial to note that scratches are also normal. Why? The Juste un Clou is made of 18K gold which is a high percentage. Note that although gold is strong and durable it is still very malleable. Therefore, still prone to some minor scuffing. If the appearance is bothersome, the posh Maison does offer buffing services.


    This one was a little scary when it happened! As one would expect, the closure mechanism of the Cartier nail bangle did at some point, come loose. It could be the angle of the wrist that prompted the closure to unlock or it could also be wear and tear. Needless to say, this is something all jewelry owners need to be extra mindful of. Unlike the Cartier Love bracelet, which is screwed together to lock in place, the Juset un Clou relies on a hook mechanism.

    My First Luxury Cartier Juste un clou wear and tear review

    To keep the lock from loosening too quickly, it’s best to refrain from taking it on and off too frequently. Typically, once the bracelet is worn there’s no real need to remove it from your wrist. However, if this closure still acts up, the smartest move is to take it to your nearest Cartier store to have it serviced. The sooner you get it checked, the better! 


    Just like countless high-end designer names, Cartier is slated to increase its prices by 2-3% this year. At least that is. The Juste un Clou rose gold retails currently at $7,500 USD. Due to the increase of price of gold in the world market, the value of the bracelet just keeps going up. Consider this purchase a profitable investment especially since it was valued at less several years ago.


    Is the Juste un Clou a Good Purchase?

    Absolutely! If, like us, you want top quality jewelry you can pass onto your kids or loved ones, Cartier pieces are definitely a good option. Where the Love bangle has clean timeless lines, the JUC bracelet is the statement piece. Whether you wear it alone or in a stack, Cartier’s Juste un Clou is gorgeous and one of a kind.

    So, if you’ve been thinking of getting one, this is your sign. Before you do, here are a few last-minute things you need to know about the bracelet:

    1.   Depending on how often you wear the bracelet, you will need to take it off now and then to clean it with a polishing cloth. No need for special cleaning agents, a thorough wipe down with a cloth can do wonders. My bracelet went from dull to shiny in minutes and all I did was wipe off the buildup.

    2.   Compared to fancy accessories, swimming with authentic gold jewelry is absolutely ok. To be safe, rinse it with clear water after using it in a pool or beach to wash off salt, minerals and chemicals. The bigger worry is not the water, rather the oils and lotions that come into contact with the metal that can cause it to look dull and dirty.

    3.   If like me, you choose to wear it in a stack, consider having the nail head away from flat bands that it could rub up against. Remember that gold is malleable. You want to avoid deforming the shape of the head.

    4.   Lastly, it is possible to occasionally get the tip of the bangle caught onto pieces of clothing. It doesn’t happen often, but it helps to be mindful when wearing lace or large knits.

    We hope this helps giving a better and more realistic expectation as to how the Juste un Clou holds up in daily use. I absolutely love my JUC and don’t even notice the tiny scuffs when wearing it. It’s just gorgeous.


    ?  Find your favorite Cartier Juste Un Clou here:   Cartier Juste Un Clou 



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