My Favorite Vintage Louis Vuitton Picks – September 2022 Shopbop Edition

My Favorite Vintage Louis Vuitton Picks – September 2022 Shopbop Edition

The most recent price increases amongst top designer brands are only the latest but not the first. And believe it or not, but every time prices go up, I take a look at the secondary and vintage market. I’ve gotten lucky before and scored some amazing pieces at unbelievable prices.


One of my favorite places to browse for vintage and pre-loved gems is Shopbop. So today I’d like to give you a brief look into the vintage pieces you can find at Shopbop. Don’t be discouraged if they are sold by the time you read this because good deals won’t last.

As you see from the title, I restrict myself to Louis Vuitton this time, because I still try to build my profile at Hermès and Chanel is simply outrageous with their current pricing. Also, I use the term “vintage” a little loose here as I deviate from the 25-year mark. For simplicity reasons, I call pieces that have been discontinued vintage in this article.

With that out of the way, let’s get right into my top vintage Louis Vuitton picks from Shopbop for September ’22.

MY First Luxury Louis Vuitton Wapiti multicolour

Yea, you see that right. I’m starting with a little monster. The Louis Vuitton Wapiti is a little wristlet that seems pretty harmless but is actually kind of practical. I used to use one as compact wallet for a while, and I even was lucky enough to come across a pristine multicolor Wapiti for a great price. Now it has doubled in value, so believe it or not, this little wristlet turned out to be a great investment in a sense.

My First Luxury Louis Vuitton Alma Multicolor

If you like the multicolor collection but may want more space, say no more. Here is a LV Alma in Monogram Multicolor.

The LV Alma doesn’t need an introduction as it is one of the staple pieces of Louis Vuitton. This particular piece has seen the world it seems, and it left some marks but since it is a special edition of this iconic line, it still fetches good money and just like the Wapiti, the prices have only gone up ever since I kept an eye on it. You rarely see these multicolor bags in the wild these days, but if, they are always eye-catchers.

My First Luxury Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Staying with the LV Alma, the Louis Vuitton Alma BB is one of my all-time favorites. Especially this one in patent leather stands out to me because I own a very similar piece as you know from previous videos.

It is true that the patent leather can decolor when rubbing against other pieces and I had that happen to me before, but when taken care it is one of the most beautiful and enduring leather options out there. The shine is unique, and it also withstands water splashes with no problem. Especially in the BB size, this is such an amazing bag for an evening out. Prices have been stable and are slowly on the rise, so if you own one, cherish it, and if you’d like one, don’t wait too long before they become more pricy.

My First Luxury Louis Vuitton Denim Baggy Bag

Now, let’s bring in a real vintage piece! Let me introduce the Louis Vuitton Ab Baggy Bag in blue denim. Yes, it looks vintage but that is also the charm of it. And believe it or not, pristine examples like this one keep going up in value.

This soft shoulder bag is incredibly comfortable to wear and is more practical than about 90% of my collection. From the adjustable strap to the conveniently located zipper pouch to the 2 outer buckle pockets, there’s just not much more you could ask for in terms of usability on the go. I’m almost willing to bet, that this blue denim will stand out in your collection but it will quickly become one of your most used pieces.

My First Luxury Louis Vuitton Speedy HL

Let’s switch to the mini bags you know me for. Here is a Louis Vuitton Speedy HL! Wait, you can still purchase LV Speedys at the boutique, can’t you?! Yes, you can, but only the bandouliere. The strapless HL has been discontinued but it lost nothing of its charm. This Speedy HL is comparable to a Nano Speedy in size, minus the strap. I use my Speedy almost on a daily basis and more often than not, it is my go-to. It is small but big enough for everything I need. It is easy to use, stylish and secure. I fail to find anything to criticize on a LV Speedy. Because of the coated canvas it is also pretty light compared to leather counterparts. Maybe the price can be a point of critic. At $1,495 this pre-loved and aged model comes in at almost the same price as a brand-new Nano Speedy with strap. With a bag so useful and so stable in value, there’s not much than can go wrong in my opinion.

My First Luxury Louis Vuitton Papillon Pouch

If you like the Nano Speedy but find it a little too pricy, maybe take a look at the Louis Vuitton Papillon Pouch. It’s definitely more cylindric in shape but it is just as practical as the Speedy HL. Just make sure it doesn’t roll away when you’re not paying attention.

At only $695, this cute pouch can become your favorite piece when you just want to grab a bag and get going.

My First Luxury Louis Vuitton Pink Sprouse Zippy Coin Purse

And lastly, all the money you saved from buying vintage/pre-loved pieces needs to go somewhere. Why not stay on topic and store it with style in this Louis Vuitton Pink Sprouse Zippy Coin Purse. This mini wallet is big enough to take your cards and cash and the canvas is very durable as we all know. On top of this, this particular piece comes in the allover pink graffiti print which has been discontinued and may never come back. This is a rare and unique piece of Louis Vuitton that stands out of the sometimes monotone sea of monogram and damier prints.

All in all, I found a lot more interesting pieces than expected on my recent Shopbop search. And with these vintage/discontinued pieces, the recent quality issues we have observed in so many LV pieces, may not be present at all. I’ve gotten plenty of comments confirming that their older, now vintage, Louis Vuitton pieces are made much better and haven’t had any problems. So, maybe vintage LV is the way to go, at least for now?

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