Top 10 Bags to Invest in 2022

If you’ve been with us for some time now, you know that certain design houses have a special place in our hearts (we’re looking at you Hermes, and Channel). This doesn’t mean we don’t throw glances at other well-loved luxe handbag labels in the market. Of course, we do! To us, luxury items are a piece of art. The amount of time, specialization, and craftsmanship that goes into creating these masterpieces can not be truly valued.

We appreciate all things luxe and have no problem declaring our love for it, just as much as we enjoy sharing what we know about them. So we’ve thought of putting together the Top 10 Bags to Invest in 2022. Our goal is to help you find a bag that is worthy of investing in and adding to your collection. Some of the luxe goodies on our list are fairly priced with a few down the line that are a little hefty. A number of the styles we are featuring aren’t new per se, rather, they have been sitting in the shadows for too long. Until now that is.


Our Choice Investment Bags

In all honesty, it is so difficult to choose just 10 bags. There are just so many delicious purses from high-end design houses that are out there. In any case, we did our best to sift through the more attainable gems. We’re not going to keep you waiting any longer. Behold! Our list, in no particular order:

Gucci Marmont 

Priced at over $2,000 USD, we start off with the Gucci Marmont. This beauty can easily rival other leather flap bags. Made of black matelassé leather, the Marmont’s chevron pattern acts as a backdrop for the antique finished hardware. A cute heart lays discreetly at the center of the back panel of the bag.

Top 10 Bags To Invest In 2022 | My First Luxury

Not looking to add another leather bag to your current assemblage? The Gucci Marmont also comes in velvet, canvas, and denim to name a few examples. Similarly, this lightweight lady is available in a wide range of colors and prints to suit anybody’s fancy. Admittedly we have yet to add the GG to our own collection but we are really getting close to bringing one home.

Find Gucci GG Marmont bags here.


YSL Loulou Toy

Another dead ringer for the classic flap bag we all love, you know, the one with the double C’s. The Loulou Toy shoulder bag from YSL with its creamy lambskin material is something lots of people gravitate towards. Especially for those who are in search of a quilted leather shoulder bag with a fair price point to it. Currently going for $1,500 USD, the YSL Loulou looks deceptively incapable of holding much stuff in it. Like many, we were mildly surprised to find spacious interiors upon opening this sleek buttery leather bag.

SAINT LAURENT Small Monogram Matelassè Loulou Chain Bag my first luxury

A perfect accessory to complete any outfit, the YSL Loulou shoulder bag is one of those pieces you can stash your phone, cash, keys, and favorite YSL lipstick for when you are on a night out with friends or when you’re exploring a new travel destination. Available in a rainbow of colors, the Loulou Toy has adjustable straps that allow users to also wear it as a sling bag or as a shoulder bag. Some creative fashionistas have even styled the bag as a clutch, thanks to the straps that can easily be removed. In general, this chic YSL is something worth investing in.

Find YSL Loulou bags here.


Lady Dior Medium

More often than not we tend to recommend buying luxury goods from the boutique itself. On this occasion, we are breaking tradition since the Lady Dior (in our opinion) is best sourced from secondary sellers.

CHRISTIAN DIOR Patent Cannage Medium Lady Dior Black vivians closet my first luxury

You see, when procured from Dior boutiques, the Lady goes for around $5,000 USD. What novice buyers do not know, however, is that the price dips substantially upon its purchase. This is why pricing is much friendlier in subsidiary markets. There’s also more to choose from compared to buying from actual boutiques where options are limited. What do we like about the Lady Dior?

The lambskin bag is adorned with DIOR charms and can be paired with a variety of shoulder straps. Investment isn’t just about money, it’s finding a piece that gives you joy and is one that perfectly satisfies your checklist. But just between us, a lightly used Lady Dior bag that’s resold in pristine condition can go for just $2,000 – $3,000 USD.

Find Medium Size Lady Dior bags here.


LV Speedy

To be more specific we suggest the LV Speedy in size 25. Why? It’s just the right proportion to tote around without appearing like you’re about to elope with a new lover. In fact, the Louis Vuitton Speedy in size 25 is dainty enough to use without the bandoulière (shoulder strap). But that’s us, if you want to use the Speedy slung on your shoulder by all means don’t ever let our preference stop you.

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Speedy Bandouliere 25 my first luxury best investment bags

Going back to the quintessential doctor’s bag that is the Speedy, we adore this because it carries the classic LV monogram pattern. Crafted in a supple canvas, it works just as well as a daily bag or one to take on a quick overnight getaway. The compact appearance hides an inner compartment that is straightforward and very spacious. The timeless design ages well and the brown canvas darkens and gives the bag more character over time. At just a little over $1,500 USD, this handbag also comes in countless other patterns and textiles.

Find Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bags here.


Goyard Saint Louis

One bag that does not receive enough love, the Maison Goyard Saint Louis is often overlooked in favor of the LV Neverfull. Thing is, the Saint Louis actually came before the Louis Vuitton tote. Initially created to be a reversible bag, many fans of the brand prefer to use it with the Goyardine side visible. From our point of view, LV recognized the bag’s potential and, in a sense, capitalized on it.

Just about everyone who wanted a luxury item snatched up the Louis Vuitton Neverfull – us included! Perhaps part of the reason for LV’s popularity was its regular appearance on the shoulders of Hollywood stars.

GOYARD Goyardine Saint Louis GM Black Gold my first luxury best investment bags 2022

That said, Goyard’s Saint Louis is the OG tote albeit the not-so-popular status, especially amongst the younger crowd. Priced between $1,225 – $1,855 USD depending on the size and color, this tote offers a spacious inner compartment that can take you from work to leisure in a blink of an eye. Its wide opening lets users stuff documents, baby items, and even clothes. A small pouch attached to the bag lets you keep loose change, cash, jewelry, or your lip balm in it, so you don’t have to root around the bag. If you are looking for something with compartments, adding a purse organizer will keep the contents neat and tidy. Oh, and did we mention that this tote pulls off the unisex style effortlessly?

Find Goyard Saint Louis bags here.


Hermès Mini Evelyne

At the peak of reality shows, the various Housewives of (insert city/ country here) have been spotted running errands with this understated and utilitarian purse. Featured in a range of sizes and colors, this extremely popular and fuss-free bag with its large noticeable H is obviously more accessible than the Birkin or the Kelly. A perfect entry-level bag from the Hermès label, it’s typically made of Clemence or Epsom leather.

HERMES Taurillon Clemence Evelyne TPM Gold vivians closet my first luxury

The straps are interchangeable and various accessories can be added to make the bag uniquely yours. A little under $2,000 USD, the mini is an amazing bag that can hold a few essentials. However, if you are looking for something to carry more items, we suggest sizing up.

Find Hermès Mini Evelyne bags here.


Hermès Picotin 18

Less popular than the Birkin, Kelly, and even the previously mentioned Evelyne – the Picotin in its gorgeous bucket-style structure is quietly getting some much-deserved attention from Hermès consumers.

Sold in a range of hues and sizes, our favorites are the Picotin in size 18 and size 26. We heard from sources that at the moment, Hermès Picotin 18 is currently priced at roughly $2,750, while the size 26 often retails at over $3,500 USD.

HERMES Taurillon Clemence Picotin Lock 18 PM Etoupe beige de weimar vivians closet my first luxury

Inspired by a horse feed bag, the Picotin has a slouchy frame with an easy access top. The leather strap cinches the top close and is adorned with an eye-catching lock.

Find Hermès Picotin 18 bags here.


Chanel Denim Flap Bags

We’ve talked about Classic flaps and Le Boy bags extensively in our other uploads. Blogs and YouTubers have also covered these iconic pieces but not many have shone the spotlight on the Chanel Denim.

Chanel Denim pearl crush flap bag my first luxury

A casual and quirky take on archetypal design. Just like a pair of jeans, the Chanel Denim is constantly being released in an array of washes. This flap bag carries the recognizable C lock, chain straps, and quilted pattern. You can find the Denim bag in light blue, dark blue, black, acid wash, as well as one made up of various color patches. An extremely casual bag that can also work as a statement piece. The value of this bag will highly depend on the size, right now the Denim Mini Flap has a $4,000+ price tag.

Find Chanel Denim Flap bags here.


Hermès Kelly Mini (20)

Yet another bag from one of our favorite design houses, the Hermès Kelly, especially the one in size 20 is part of our Bags-to-Invest-in list. There is no denying that we absolutely swoon over these much sought out bags from the design Maison. One quick glance of our bag lineup and it’s easy to tell we fangirl over Hermès more than we do hunky Henry Cavill. Okay, maybe that last bit isn’t entirely true.

HERMES Epsom Mini Kelly Sellier 20 Black my first luxury best investment bags 2022

Anyway, it is no secret that the Kelly and the Birkin (which we will be discussing in a bit), are handbags that aren’t the easiest to acquire. For those who are interested in learning the process that goes into owning a coveted Kelly bag, might we suggest checking out our previously shared insight on the topic? Yes, there is some bit of work that will go into getting your hands on a Kelly. But we promise you that it is worth all the effort.

The Kelly, named after Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, is hands down one of the most iconic designs out there. This high-end purse carries nothing but classic lines and a structure that just exudes a posh vibe. Choosing a Kelly in size 20 can be troublesome mainly because there’s a crayon box of colors to pick from. Admittedly, this handbag is a little on the pricier side but definitely worth every penny.

Find Hermès Kelly Mini bags here.


Hermès Birkin

Last but not least, is the Hermes Birkin in the size 25 or the size 30. If you prefer something bigger, go right ahead. Personally, we just find that the value of the 25 holds up so much better years after its purchase.

HERMES Matte Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Birkin 25 Blanc my first luxury best investment bags 2022

As aforementioned, both the Kelly and the Birkin are bags that are a bit difficult to come by. You can’t just walk into a store and take one off the shelves. The exclusivity has undoubtedly made the handbag even more desired by luxury collectors everywhere. Just like the Kelly, the Birkin is a sturdy bag with sleek lines and to-die-for bag anatomy.

Find Hermès Birkin bags here.


A Bag of Tricks

Trends come and go, the timeless stay on forever. When it comes to buying luxe bags, we always maintain that it is best to steer clear of fads. Those who are wanting to start a collection would benefit from selecting ones that are likely to appreciate in value and style for years to come. More importantly, we cannot stress enough how important it is to spend within your means. Never be tempted to imitate our favorite impulsive Shopaholic heroine Rebecca Bloomwood. Remember it is not an investment if you can’t even afford it from the start.



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Gucci GG Marmont   |   YSL Loulou   |   Lady Dior Medium   |   Louis Vuitton Speedy 25   |   Goyard Saint Louis   |   Hermès Mini Evelyne   |   Hermès Picotin 18   |   Chanel Denim Bags   |   Hermès Kelly Mini   |   Hermès Birkin



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